Final Fantasy XIV has numerous world servers that make up its online network. These are divided into the Logical Data Centers, such as Chaos, and Aether, which themselves are part of Regional Data Centers, such as Europe, and North America. As a result, it can be hard to choose which Final Fantasy XIV server is right for you with dozens of world servers.

What makes a server “the best” can differ from person to person. So below, we’ve listed some of the most popular Final Fantasy XIV servers, along with what makes them so popular. This way, you can choose the best Final Fantasy XIV server for you. They’re listed with the Logical Data Center first, followed by the world server name.

Best Final Fantasy XIV Servers in the European Data Center

  • Chaos, Cerberus – Has a large Eastern European population, a general more casual player base.
  • Chaos, Moogle – A server with more French speakers, Moogle is a general more hardcore and series player base,
  • Light, Odin- Light’s hardcore raiding server with a lot more raiders and serious endgame players.
  • Light, Shiva – A good mix of casual and serious players, although unfortunately rarely has space for new players.
  • Light, Zodiark – server with a lot of space that’s growing in popularity since the start of Endwalker, great for newbies who want to forge a community.

Best Final Fantasy XIV Servers in the North American Data Center

  • Aether, Levithan – The primary raiding server on the premier raiding Data Center in NA.
  • Aether, Cactuar – Server with the most streamers, such as Asmongold and others.
  • Crystal, Malboro – More for roleplay than the rest of the Crystal servers.
  • Primal, Excalibur – More casual and newbie welcoming, but more of a midway between raiding and roleplay.

Best Final Fantasy XIV Servers in the Japanese Data Center

  • Elemental, Tonberry – The Japanese server with the most English speakers
  • Gaia, Ifrit – More hardcore raiding-based
  • Mana, Hades – A growing roleplay community server

Best Final Fantasy XIV Servers in the Oceanic Data Center

  • Materia, Any – Any server is an excellent choice on the newly launched Oceanian Data Center

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