The Servants in Fate Grand Order are generally divided into one of two different types: Damage Servants and Support Servants. We’ll be ranking the top three servants for both of these categories.

Best Damage Servants

3. Arash

Image via Aniplex

A one-star character on a top-tier list!? Blasphemy!

But in all seriousness, Arash is just too good to leave off of this list. He may only be able to use his Noble Phantasm on one wave before death, but he destroys that singular wave. And since he can do it entirely himself with a Limit Broken Imaginary Element or a K-scope, it basically lets you clear one whole wave in a mission for free every time.

2. Lancelot (Berserkerlot)

Image via Aniplex

Lancelot doesn’t have the highest damage output of any Berserker, but his AOE multi-hit Noble Phantasm, increased NP generation, and excellent synergy with Skadi make him a phenomenal servant for wiping enemy waves out of existence.

1. Arjuna Alter

Image via Aniplex

Arjuna Alter does too much damage. He’s a Berserker, so only Foreigners will resist him, and his Noble Phantasm is AOE. But his real strength comes from skill synergies. His first active skill increases his damage when attacking a rebuffed enemy, while his Noble Phantasm applies a Buster-resist down to all enemies before applying damage. It’s just… too much.

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Best Support Servants

3. Scáthach-Skaði (Skadi)

Image via Aniplex

Skadi is the go-to support for mega-buffing a single Quick-damage Damage Servant. A 50% NP charge, sizable Quick-damage up, and critical damage up let her make one ally a lethal threat, and she can even lower enemy defenses as well. If only her Noble Phantasm was as good as the rest of her kit.

2. Zhuge Liang (Waver)

Image via Aniplex

The venerable Zhuge Liang grants a massive amount of NP charge to the whole field as well as solid damage output buffs and a decent shield. He is likely the best support unit for most three-turn team compositions.

1. Merlin

Image via Aniplex

Merlin has a decent-sized multi-servant NP charge, some fantastic damage output buffs, and even a multi-servant one-turn invulnerability skill. Add in a Noble Phantasm that gives health and NP charge over time and you have a servant that provides both massive buffs and survivability to his team.

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