Scrolls are valuable items that players can buy from the merchant in the Witcher Monster Slayer.

Scrolls have unique purposes and can serve as powerful boosts to help players progress with a wide range of things. Here are all Scrolls in the Witcher Monster Hunter, and what are they best used for and when.

Summoning Scrolls

Summoning Scrolls are a powerful boost item that can spawn several monsters players can kill. In total, one scroll will summon five random monsters, including four common and one possible common or rare monster.

  • Price: 200 Gold

These scrolls are best used when you can’t leave your home or just want to kill a total of five monsters all at once. It may also be worth combining the scroll with an experience scroll.

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Experience Scrolls

Experience scrolls are a booster that increases the XP gain by 100 percent and will last for 30 minutes in real-time. We recommend using them while you are out farming monsters to make the most of your boost.

  • Price: 120 gold

Range Scrolls

Range scrolls increase the range of interaction with monsters, quests, nemetons on the map by 50 percent. The effect will also last for 30 minutes. It’s best to use these scrolls combined with experience scrolls to make the most of farming runs and cover more ground.

  • Price: 80 gold

Ingredient Scrolls

Ingredient Scrolls increase the number of alchemy ingredients you get from both monsters and plants for 30 minutes and by 100 percent. We recommend using these only if you plan on farming monsters and will play the game for 30 minutes.

  • Price: 120 gold

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