What’s one positive of having to stay inside for the majority of 2021? The ability to cozy up and play Roblox all day! From RPG to FPS, sandboxes to obbys, Roblox holds thousands of new experiences each year for players to discover and enjoy. The list below is PGG’s final picks for the overall best Roblox experiences of 2021. Let us know what you think!

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Best experiences of 2021


Image via Roblox Brookhaven

With Brookhaven being one of the most, if not the most, popular Roblox RPGs, it makes sense that there’s a plethora of content within it. Users can adopt children, enroll in a full or part-time career, go to school, own houses and cars that they can share with friends, rob banks, and much more! With an average daily player count of around 400,000 Robloxians, Brookhaven has definitely carved its place on the hypothetical Roblox Mt. Rushmore!

Super Golf!

Image via Roblox Super Golf

The virtual mini-golf experience Super Golf! allows Robloxians to challenge and compete with their friends across numerous courses to see who is the ultimate mini-golf champion. While playing along with these courses, players also have the opportunity to collect coins for beating personal records, which players can then use to unlock rewards such as hats, skins, colors, and more, to customize their golf balls. Why leave your house when you can just play mini golf for free from the comfort of your gaming setup!

Color Block

Image via Roblox Color Block

Looking for a game to play with friends that’s sure to ensue laughter, rage, and even feelings of betrayal towards your own eyeballs? Then Color Block is the experience for you! The concept of this experience is truly as simple as it seems—pay attention to the color that appears on the top of your screen, run to the corresponding block, and watch as everyone else falls into the clouds below. Be careful playing this experience if you’re colorblind though, it can be frustratingly hard to tell which color is which!

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Adopt Me

Image via Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt Me takes role-playing games to the next level—if you haven’t heard of it by now, we’d be surprised! Just as the name states, Adopt Me players can adopt hundreds of adorable pets and help raise them, take in other players as a parent or older sibling, or even be the adoptee themselves and find their forever home. Whether you want to create your own house and grow the biggest family on the block, or start your life fresh and be a part of one already established, Adopt Me has something for everyone.

Epic Minigames

Image via Roblox Epic Minigames

With its new board game expansion, Epic Minigames is truly the Mario party of Roblox. Join up with your friends or play alone as you compete in various minigames, travel across a board game map, unlock pets, and work towards being the lobby’s Minigame Champion! At this article’s publication, Epic Minigames has over 100 possible minigames to choose from, with more added each update!

Wacky Wizards

Image via Roblox Wacky Wizards

Do you like magic? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transform yourself into someone or something else? Are you a completionist interested in finding in-game collectibles? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should try Wacky Wizards! Every Wednesday, this experience is updated with new ingredients, quests, and potions to find and pushes players to think outside of the box to solve problems and help others.

Anime Fighters Simulator

Image via Roblox Anime Fighters

If games that you can pick up and hop into at any time are your kind of thing, Anime Fighters Simulator (AFS) is the experience on this list that you’re looking for. The premise of this game is rather simple, but that’s part of what makes it so popular—anyone can enjoy this game regardless of their anime knowledge or lack thereof. AFS allows players to meet up with friends or strangers and dungeon-crawl their way through different dimensions or maps, inspired by various animes and defeat waves of enemies in the process. AFS is the perfect starter game to familiarize yourself with the Roblox anime genre at your own pace while also having fun.

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BIG Paintball

Image via Roblox BIG Paintball

One of the most fun FPSs on Roblox, BIG Paintball invites players to team up with friends or take on everyone solo and come out on top as the best paintball shooter in the lobby. BIG paintball is never boring with tons of unique guns, game modes, and killstreaks! Another plus, this experience manages to stay competitive while also feeling more laid back than other Roblox FPSs, such as Arsenal or Phantom Forces, meaning players of any skill level can enjoy.

Tower of Hell

Image via Roblox Tower of Hell

Ah, Tower of Hell, everyone’s favorite excuse to let out all of their pent-up rage and frustration. This experience, while mildly infuriating, is exceptionally popular on the Roblox platform, and rightfully so! Players are challenged to walk, run, jump, spin, and balance through a multi-stage course, known as the Tower of Hell, and make their way from the bottom to the top—seems easy, right? Gather up some friends and give it a try!

The Mimic

Image via Roblox The Mimic

It’s not very often that truly terrifying experiences are uploaded to Roblox, so when The Mimic grew to massive popularity in 2021, it made perfect sense. With chillingly realistic sound design, suffocating ambiance, and plenty of jump scares, The Mimic stands far above many other horror experiences on the platform and should be played by any fan of the genre. The person standing behind you right now thinks so too!


That finishes our list for the best Roblox experiences of 2021! What were your favorite Roblox experiences this year? Have you played any of the ones that we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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