When it comes to Roblox experiences that are specifically targeted towards a female audience, it can be hard to escape the one-dimensional Princess Tycoons and Mom Simulators—is it crazy for girls to want more from their video games than an all-pink environment with an interactive closet.

Not all girls enjoy frills and sparkles, just like not all boys enjoy explosions and monster trucks, but some do, and while either preference is perfectly ok, it’s important to have options. We’ve compiled some of our favorite games that we’d recommend to any girl gamer in the list below!

Adopt Me

Image via Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt Me takes role-playing games to the next level—if you haven’t heard of it by now, we’d be surprised! Just as the name states, Adopt Me players can adopt hundreds of adorable pets and help raise them, take in other players as a parent or older sibling, or even be the adoptee themselves and find their forever home. Whether you want to create your own house and grow the biggest family on the block, or start your life fresh and be a part of one already established, Adopt Me has something for everyone.

Fashion Famous

Image via Roblox Fashion Famous

Fashion Famous, previously previously known as Fashion Frenzy, is a competitive experience where players are given a category and then have a designated time frame to create an outfit that fits the said category. Once time has run out, the players must then participate in a fashion show where everyone in the lobby votes on which outfits they think best fits the category. This experience can be a fun way to compete with friends and try on clothes you may have never seen before!

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BIG Paintball

Image via Roblox Big Paintball

One of the most fun FPSs on Roblox, BIG Paintball, invites players to team up with friends or take on everyone solo and come out on top as the best paintball shooter in the lobby. BIG paintball is never boring with tons of unique guns, game modes, and killstreaks! Another plus, this experience manages to stay competitive while also feeling more laid back than other Roblox FPSs, such as Arsenal or Phantom Forces.

Royale High

Image via Roblox Royale High

Royale High—the role-playing experience where players can finally live out their princess, or prince, dreams by attending a magical school for only the utmost elite. Dance the night away at an elegant ball, meet new whimsical friends, and even decorate their dorm. Not only can you play fun minigames to win unique prizes, but this experience also offers season-exclusive halos and clothing for players to collect and trade. Whether you’re reading to wish at the fountain or not, Royale High is ready for you!

Welcome To Bloxburg

Image via Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg

Another role-playing game for the list, but one that focuses more heavily on the home design aspect, Welcome to Bloxburg, is known as the Roblox version of the popular simulation video game, The Sims. Bloxburg players can create their dream house, have a job, adopt kids, visit friends, explore the neighborhood, and much more! This experience requires a one-time payment of 25 Robux before you play; however, with the insane amount of content given to you once you join, we’d say it’s worth the cost!

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Murder Mystery 2

Image via Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 invites players to experience a whodunit adventure full of betrayal, alliances, mischief, and murder—virtually, of course. Within this experience, there are also hundreds of weapons to unlock, purchase, and collect that can then be traded with others to continue growing your personal arsenal. This Among Us-esque experience is exceptionally fun to play with your girlfriends but can also be just as addicting when playing alone!


Image via Roblox Brookhaven

Brookhaven is for those who are intrigued by Bloxburg but don’t want to spend the 25 Robux to play. This experience offers a few paid gamepasses, but other than that, players can do everything for free. Purchase a house for free, completely redesign your avatar, adopt kids, live alone or with friends, and the choices are completely up to you!


That finishes our list for the best Roblox experiences for girls, or really anyone! What are your favorite Roblox experiences? Have you played any of the ones that we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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