Rituals are essential when it comes to playing Cult of the Lamb. They keep your Followers happy, increase Loyalty, feed your commune, and allow the occasional sacrifice. Here’s how you can get your lamb’s hooves on their very own rituals so you can keep the commune flourishing.

How to get Rituals in Cult of the Lamb

Rituals are unlocked as quest rewards, through exploration, and through the creation of new doctrines.

For the Bonfire Ritual and the Brainwashing Ritual you will need to complete the Declare Doctrine quest and Sozo’s quest, respectively. The Sacrifice of the Flesh Ritual also requires you to complete the second Crusade runs through Darkwood before it will unlock.

All of the other Rituals are unlocked through Doctrines.

All Rituals in Cult of the Lamb

Ascend Follower Ritual

Provides +15 to Faith.

  • 75 Bones
  • 1 Follower

Alms for the Poor

Followers gain Loyalty.

+10 to Faith.

  • 50 Coins

Bonfire Ritual

+30 to Faith.

  • 25 Bones
  • 25 Lumber

Brainwashing Ritual

+100 to Faith for two days.

  • 25 Menticide Mushrooms

Fight Pit Ritual

+30 to Faith.

  • 75 Bones

Feasting Ritual

Hunger of the Cult is filled.

+25 to Faith.

  • 75 Bones


+20 to Faith.

  • 5 Camellia
  • 75 Bones

Glory through Toil

Followers do not sleep for two days.

-15 Faith.

  • 75 Bones

Holy Day Ritual

+80 to Faith.

  • 75 Bones

Loyalty Enforcer

-15 to Faith.

  • 75 Bones

Ritual of Enlightenment

Followers provide 20% more Devotion.

-10 Faith

  • 75 Bones

Ritual of Enrichment

Followers give Gold.

-20 Faith.

  • 125 Bones

Ritual Fast

Followers will not eat for three days.

  • 75 Bones

Ritual of the Harvest

All Seeds immediately become ready to harvest.

  • 75 Bones

Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty

Twice the normal amount of Fish will be caught.

  • 75 Bones

Ritual of Resurrection

Allows you to resurrect a Follower.

  • 150 Bones

The Sacrifice of the Flesh

-10 to Faith

  • 75 Bones
  • 1 Follower

The Glory of Construction

All structures under construction will immediately finish building.

  • 75 Bones

Tax Enforcer

-15 to Faith

  • 75 Bones

Wedding Ritual

+30 to Faith

  • 75 Bones

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