In Tower of Fantasy, planet Aida is huge and full of dangers, so any help while adventuring is more than welcome. Enter relics, valuable gadgets you can use for faster traveling, more efficient attacks, better defense, etc. There are two rarities of relics, SR and SSR. Of course, you’ll want to own the best relic in Tower of Fantasy, but that is not always possible. You want to pick the best available, and these relic tier lists will make your choice easier.

Best SSR Relic Tier List

TierSSR Relic
SHologram Projector, Spacetime Rift
AAlternate Destiny, Colossus Arm, Omnium Shield
BConfinement, Type V Armor

All SR Relics, Ranked

TierSR Relic
SMagnetic Storm, Omnium Handcannon, Strange Cube
ACybernetic Arm, Hovering Cannon, Magnetic Pulse, Missile Barrage
BCouant, Jetboard, Lava Bomb, Quantum Cloak

How to choose the best relic in Tower of Fantasy?

You can only equip two relics simultaneously in Tower of Fantasy. As every relic has a special role (attack, defense, support, functionality), it’s best to mix gadgets that make your exploring and fighting easier. For example, it’s great to have the ability to fly around (Jetpack), but also to have some help when you face enemies (Type V Armor).

Keep in mind that some relics can do more than just one thing, which makes combining them even more complex and fun! Also, you can advance your relics in Tower of Fantasy, so they become even more efficient. As there are many situations where you’ll need different gadgets, you can easily switch between relics by creating presets. That way, you can have explore, attack, defense, or all-purpose sets.

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