If you are new to playing Zenkai Origins on Roblox, you may be a bit confused about how races work. Read below for a list of all of the races available, as well as the best races to choose. Find out which race you want to choose!

All Races

  • Human – The human race is a damage/power focused race that allows for eventual transformation into phantom, android, etc. While there are cons in the short term, this race has its advantages if you stick it out.
  • Majin – The Majin race has a special power that gives the ability to fully heal. They also have a trademark charge animation. They don’t disappear if they run out of Ki.
  • Namekian – Namekians have the highest base, since they can fuse nail and kami. They posess a signature move that gives back 1/3 of their Ki and Health.
  • Saiyan – The Saiyan race is probably the most well-known from the Dragon Ball franchise. This race has less perks for action, yet it does provide more transformation paths.
  • Sacred – The Sacred race is a proposed race that may be added to the game at some point.

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Best Races

Human and Namekian races are the best for players to start out with. The Human race provides a lot of balance in its stats once you have upgraded the race a decent amount. Balance is a huge positive when it comes to developing your character. The Namekian race is the best option for power from the beginning, meaning you can get ahead of other players faster.

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