Understanding Quirks, knowing how they work, and paying attention to which ones are the best are all crucial parts of growing stronger in the My Hero Academia inspired Roblox experience, Project Hero. To help break down and walk you through these Quirks, we’ve created the detailed list below. Keep in mind however that every player is different, and what works best for us might not be what ends up working best for you—your own experiences will determine which Quirks you prefer.

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Quirk list ranked from best to worst

Half Hot Half Cold

  • Half Hot Half Cold is one of two Quirks with a Legendary rarity. At the time of this article’s publication, it is considered the best Quirk in Project Hero due to its ability to stun enemies, deal hefty damage, and attack at both close and long range.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Ice Spikes
    • X – Ice Slide
    • C – Ice Floor
    • V – Flame Fist
    • B – Flame Pillar
    • R – Flames Quake


  • Leech is one of two Quirks in Project Hero with an Uncommon rarity. While it does lack in offensive moves, it undoubtedly stands above the rest when it comes to extremely overpowered defensive moves. With the ability to equalize health, users can regain half of their health after being knocked to zero, and lower their opponent’s health to half at the same time.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Steal Health
    • X – Steal Stamina
    • C – Equalize Health
    • V – Swap Leech

Hell Flame

  • Hell Flame is one of three Quirks in Project Hero with an Epic rarity. This high mobility Quirk does drain a decent chunk of stamina rather quickly, however its one shot combo makes up for it. If you’re looking for a fast moving, powerful Quirk, Hell Flame is the way to go.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Flashfire Fist
    • X – Jet Burn
    • C – Flame Explosion
    • V – Hell Volley
    • B – Purgatory
    • R – Hells Doom

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One For All

  • One For All is a Legendary Quirk that falls across the board for players—some love it, some hate it. While it does offer the most attacks out of any Quirk, and the most ranged attacks specifically, its main purpose is to stun enemies with knock backs. These types of moves deal a decent amount of damage, however utilizing any form of combo with One For All is nearly impossible.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Deleware Smash
    • X – Detroit Smash
    • C – One For All Leap
    • V – Full Cowling
    • B – Manchester Smash
    • T – Texas Smash
    • E – Vanishing Drive
    • R – Delaware Smash Air Force
    • N – St Louis Smash


  • Explosion’s long lasting fly ability and fast movement makes it the second best Quirk with Epic rarity, just behind Hell Flame. On top of that, it also deals a high amount of damage in short bursts, meaning it can likely take down any level of player with only the first move that’s unlocked. The only real downfall to Explosion is in its actual move set, or the lack thereof—it currently only has four moves, though more are planned for the future!
  • Moves:
    • Z – Explosion Barrage
    • X – Jet Burst
    • C – Explosion Rush
    • V – Explosive Surge
    • More coming soon!


  • Though Gravity is much slower than Explosion, it counters by doing much more damage. For those confident in their fighting abilities and unbothered by a lack of movement, Gravity may be your Quirk calling. This Quirk falls under the Rare rarity and uses both short and medium ranged moves to attack opponents.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Heavy Rocks
    • X – Multiple Rocks
    • C – Meteors Rush
    • V – Float Rush
    • B – Float Around

Muscle Augmentation

  • This Epic rarity Quirk is rather slow, has long cooldowns, and isn’t very long ranged, but does manage to hold its ground when it comes to fighting in close combat. Leaping Smash is decently ranged move, and it stuns enemies upon contact, however it can be easily dodged. When Muscle Augmentation moves do hit though, they can do some serious damage!
  • Moves:
    • Z – Shockwave Punch
    • X – Augmentation Transform
    • C – Ground Smash
    • V – Muscled Flight
    • B – Leaping Smash

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  • Electricity is a tricky Quirk to place as it has spent more time outside of Project Hero than in it, however from what we can tell it isn’t the best in terms of damage, range, or consistency. Originally, Electricity had a glitch where moves wouldn’t deal any damage, so it was removed from the experience to be reworked. Since then, the Rare Quirk has yet to recover and gain any value in the eyes of players.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Electric Bolt
    • X – Shockwave Stomp
    • C – Electric Eel
    • V – Two Million Volt Damage
    • B – Lightning Flash


  • The Common Quirk Invisibility sits at the bottom of our list, not because it’s a bad Quirk, but because it really only serves one purpose—to troll, or mess with, other players. Invisibility users will equip this Quirk, attack their opponents, and then use another move to disappear once more. These moves can be useful to those who value stealth in their fights, however nine times out of ten the players who use Invisibility just aim to make other players the butt of their joke.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Invis Cloak
    • X – Invisibility Aura
    • C – Warp Refraction


  • Acid is an Uncommon Quirk that is by no means terrible, or bad even, it unfortunately just falls to the bottom of the pile when compared to its competition. It offers semi-decent damage with moves of varying ranges, on top of giving extra mobility to the user, however its overall power and authority is lacking. Acid is often seen as a good starting Quirk for new players.
  • Moves:
    • Z – Acid Shot
    • X – Acid Layback
    • C – Poisonous Snake
    • V – Acid Rain

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