PvP is a core activity within World of Warcraft. Players can compete in a variety of PvP-based activities from Arena matches to Battlegrounds. But for those just starting out or wanting to try something new, knowing which class to pick can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have compiled a list to help narrow things down.

The rankings are based on the average score in Rated Battlegrounds for Season 3 in Shadowlands. Should a score be tied, it will then go to the Win Rate to determine the winner.

Top 5 Rated Battleground PvP Classes

5. Paladin

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The Paladin is adaptable with three very powerful subclasses to choose from. They’re able to tank, heal, and dish out the DPS to great success in battlegrounds. throw in some plate armor and they’re a little more difficult to kill than your average Rogue.

4. Rogue

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Rogues have always been successful in PvP thanks to their ability to go invisible, stun-lock a foe, and dish out extreme amounts of damage. They’re truly one of the more aggravating classes to play against due to their arsenal.

3. Warlock

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Though not as dominant in PvP as they are in PvE, number three isn’t a bad position to be in. With pets to harass opponents and plenty of spells at their disposal, Warlocks prove to be quite the threat.

2. Priest

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Holy, Discipline, or Shadow. No matter your flavor of Priest, they bring the help or hurt to battlegrounds. Just make sure to stay on their good side.

1. Druid

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Much like the Paladin, the Druid is a multi-threat thanks to its versatility. They can tank bosses, heal allies, do melee or magical DPS, and overall be a thorn in anyone’s side. With a score nearly double that of the Priest, they’re clearly the favorite for this Season.

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