Elden Ring has 10 classes to choose from, each with its strengths and weaknesses. It can be hard to pick the right class for your playstyle and to excel in PvP. But fear not! Here is a list of the best PvP classes to start with in Elden Ring.

3 – Vagabond

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The Vagabond is a defensive class with high Vigor, Strength, and Dexterity, but the Vagabond has a good stat spread overall. Starting with a 100% Physical Damage reduction shield, this class excels at guard countering by blocking an attack and immediately following up with a heavy attack. In PvP, the Vagabond can excel using colossal or great weapons to tank damage and land attacks through the hits. Focusing on vigor and poise (poise is increased by your armor) is most important for the Vagabond.

  • Weapons: Longsword, Halberd, Heater Shield
  • Armor: Vagabond Knight Set
  • Spells: None

2 – Astrologer

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The Astrologer is one of the best starting classes for any scenario. Starting with high Intelligence, high Mind, and some Dexterity. The Astrologer has the flexibility to focus solely on a ranged Mage playstyle or combine spells with dexterity weapons for a Spell Blade playstyle. There are many spells found throughout Elden Ring that excel in PvP, like Thops’s Barrier, Loretta’s Mastery, and Ambush Shard.

  • Weapons: Short Sword, Astrologer’s Staff, Scripture Wooden Shield
  • Armor: Astrologer Set
  • Spells: Glintstone Pebble, Glintstone Arc

1 – Warrior

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The Warrior is an offensive class with the highest Dexterity, though the Warrior has solid Vigor, Mind, Endurance, and Strength. This gives the Warrior the freedom to create a melee build with any major stat. The Warrior should focus on dual-wielding Dexterity weapons, like the starting Scimitars, and add status effects to the weapons. Applying status effects like blood loss or poison in PvP is highly effective to stress your opponent and deal damage quickly.

  • Weapons: 2x Scimitar, Riveted Wooden Shield
  • Armor: Blue Cloth Cowl, Blue Cloth Vest, Warrior Gauntlets, Warrior Greaves
  • Spells: None

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