Diablo Immortal is playable on both PC and mobile devices, which brings the franchise to a whole new audience of players. With six classes to choose from at launch, players may have a hard time deciding which to choose.

Best PvE Classes in Diablo Immortal


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How to play Crusader

The Crusader class is heavily dependent on melee attacks and can deal some serious damage to enemies in battle. Aside from dealing tons of damage, what makes the Crusader class great is its versatility and ability to tank damage. Crusaders have great Abilities, including Conjuration of Light, Spinning Shield, and Judgment. These abilities emphasize the wide range of capabilities that the Crusader class has—AoE damage, buffs, Ranged damage, and Melee damage are all in play with this class.

Demon Hunter

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How to play Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters also provide high DPS and versatility in combat. This class is proficient in both Physical and Ranged damage and gives players a lot of options when it comes to gameplay. Demon Hunters are best utilized as Ranged DPS characters. Demon Hunters don’t buff allies quite as well as Crusaders, but if players are looking for high-damage classes, this one is a great option. Knockback Shot, Daring Swing, and Rain of Vengeance are great Ability options for this class.

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