The Riftbreaker is a tower defense survival game with a heavy emphasis on base building. As you are responsible for colonizing Galatea 37 you will need to make sure that your base is functioning and operational. To do so, you will need to keep your buildings properly powered.

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There are many different kinds of power available to you in The Riftbreaker. Your options will be limited at the start and you will have to unlock more as you progress. Some power sources are better than others. The best power sources for pure energy production are the Fusion Powerplant, Nuclear Powerplant, and Magma Powerplant. You can find a list of power sources below.

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Wind TurbineEnergy: +8/s
Solar PanelEnergy: +20/s
Gas PowerplantEnergy: +500/s
Animal Biomass PowerplantEnergy: +75/s
Plant Biomass PowerplantEnergy: +50/s
Carbonium PowerplantEnergy: +50/s
Fusion PowerplantEnergy: +3500/s
Plasma: +200/s
Geothermal PowerplantEnergy: +200/s
Nuclear PowerplantEnergy: +1500/s
Magma PowerplantEnergy: +1000/s

While Fusion, Nuclear, and Magma will produce the most energy, they have a hefty cost to build them. Using a combination of power sources is important as conditions on Galatea 37 can change anytime. Wind speed, sunlight, and other factors can influence how much energy their corresponding power source produces.

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