In Project Zomboid, players must select positive traits from a vast list of traits. However, the current list is vast and somewhat vague regarding what each trait does. Because of this, it may seem daunting which one you should and which one is arguably the best in the game.

Luckily, we will go over some of the best positive traits we recommend for players to choose when starting the game.

The Best Positive Traits in Project Zomboid Build 41

Here you will find what we consider the best positive traits to choose in Project Zomboid. Each trait takes a certain amount of points away from the player’s total of points, so they will also need to select negative traits to balance trait point count.


Brave is one of the best traits to choose as it lowers the rate at which players become panicky, making it worthwhile when trying to kill zombies. The reason is that when you get panic, your hit chance decreases, and so it becomes harder to kill the undead. Luckily brave can counter it by reducing panic by 70 percent for the low cost of 4 trait points.  

  • Trait Point Requirement: -4


In Project Zomboid, players will need to sleep when they are eventually tired. Sleeping takes time from other activities and leaves the player vulnerable for a time. This is where Wakeful comes in as it lowers the required amount of sleep players need to get rested for 2 trait points.

  • Trait Point Requirement -2

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Cat’s Eyes

Night time is dark, which is a bad thing when there are things called zombies around. But if you choose the perk Cat’s Eyes, you will be able to navigate outside a bit better with improved night vision.

  • Trait Point Requirement: -2


Dextrous is a simple time-saver perk that allows players to transfer items from one container to another with increased speed. Because of this, we highly recommend picking Dextrous up on your playthrough. 

  • Trait Point Requirement: -2


For the first half of Project Zomboid, you will do a lot of moving items around and fighting zombies in close combat. For these reasons alone, it would be worth looking at the trait strong.

The reason is that strong increased the player’s carrying weight by 4 points and adds increased knockback to melee attacks. Because of these boosts, strong is a must-have perk for any character starting in Project Zomboid. 

  • Trait Point Requirement: -10


Luckily is a beneficial trait to pick as it simply makes it easier for players to find rarer items in the game. Because of this, we would recommend picking it in every playthrough, as items will become harder and harder to find as the days progress.

  • Trait Point Requirement: -4

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