The Pokémon GO Fossil Cup runs from June 15 to June 22, 2022. It features 3x win battle rewards and adds to your Battle League ranking. There is a catch, though—only Water, Rock, Steel-type Pokémon under 1500 CP. Pokémon that are multiple types are eligible for the Fossil Cup, as long as they have one of the three type requirements. Here are the best Pokémon to use in the Pokémon GO Fossil Cup.


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Lucario is a Fighting and Steel-type Pokémon that can learn great fighting moves for PVP battles. A Lucario with Counter and Aura Sphere can take on some of the best Steel Pokémon. Since Lucario is a Fighting type, it is resistant to both Rock, Steel, and Normal damage, which will be very helpful against most Pokémon in the Fossil Cup.


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Ludicolo is the only Pokémon that is both a Grass and Water-type in Pokémon GO, making it a great Pokemon to use in the Fossil Cup. Ludicolo is very defensive, is resistant to Water and Steel damage, and uses Grass or Water type moves, which are both strong against Rock. Ludicolo can learn Ice-type moves, but chances are that your Ludicolo knows a Grass or Water-type move.


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Steelix is a good option for the Fossil Cup but may struggle against some of the other elgible Pokémon, mainly Lucario. If you have a strong Steelix, it makes a great addition to your team because of its defense and resistance to Steel and Rock. Steelix can learn a variety of moves, not all of them helpful in the Fossil Cup. Make sure your Steelix knows Ground or Steel moves to counter the Water and Rock Pokémon.


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Registeel is one of the best Pokémon to bring to the Fossil Cup. It is a Steel-type and has incredible defense. If you have a Registeel with you, it should definitely be your tank in the Fossil Cup. Other options for a tank include Bastiodon, Regirock, Aggron, or even a Shuckle. You will want a defensive Pokémon that is resistant to Water, Rock, or Steel-type to counter the other team’s strongest DPS Pokémon.

There are plenty of other good Pokémon to use in the Fossil Cup. If you do not have any of the best Pokémon to use, you can still compete and win lots of battles. Just consider balancing your team with all of the eligible types, and try to bring in multiple types of Pokémon that can counter others.

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