PKP-BP is one of the most dominating guns amongst the various weapon classes of Battlefield 2042. The rapid-fire rate and accuracy come at the cost of slow mobility, which is expected of a Light Machine Gun. Here’s a guide on building the best PKP-BP loadout and all four attachments.

Best PKP-BP Loadout Battlefield 2042

  • Sight – K8 Holo / Ghost Hybrid 1.25-2.5x
  • Ammunition – Standard Issue
  • Underbarrel – Factory Mounts
  • Barrel – Factory Barrel

The optic attachment is a personal preference, and you can change it depending on the range of fights you take. K8 Holo is a close-range, clean sight that you unlock first. Add the Ghost Hybrid in the plus system so that you can swap to it when engaging targets at a distance.

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The default ammunition on the PKP-BP is the High-Power / Extended magazine. Swapping it for the Standard Issue mag gives a considerable boost to the weapon’s recoil control, fire rate, and reload speed. This attachment reduces the range, but the pros associated cannot be overlooked.

There is only one underbarrel option, and you cannot change it. As for the barrel, Factory Barrel is the best option. You may use the Tactical Compensator, which improves horizontal recoil at the cost of vertical recoil. If you are fine with the base recoil pattern of the LMG, stick with the Factory Barrel.

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