Dead by Daylight has released its newest Killer, Pinhead; complete from the horror series, Hellraiser and straight onto the maps of this seriously addicting horror game. He’s got his hands on the other Killers’ Perks, and knows exactly how to use them!

Best Pinhead Builds in Dead by Daylight

Pinhead’s ability, Summons of Pain just works like a charm with these other top-tiered Killer Perks; especially the Hex Perks. This build not only covers the map from head to toe, but also secures the horrible fate of all Survivors in the game with one tap. Check out our best Pinhead Builds in Dead by Daylight.

Screenshot of Dead by Daylight youtube gameplay

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Pinhead’s Summons of Pain brings forth a nasty chain that guides its way towards the Survivor, decreases their movement speed and enables them to leave through the exit gates. The Hex Perks work well together by basically dominating in map control and revealing the aura’s of Survivors. Pinhead’s Summons of Pain chain and the Hex’s clutch assists in granting the Killers’ with the locations of the Survivors, leads to a one-hitter-quitter Killer build situation.

  • Deadlock (Cenobite Perk)
    • After a generator is repaired, Deadlock blocks the generator with the most progress for 30 seconds. It’s aura will glow white.
  • Hex: Haunted Ground (Spirit Perk)
    • At the beginning of the trial, two Hex Totems will spawn; when either Hex Totem is cleansed, all Survivors will suffer from the Exposed status effect. The second Hex Totem will immediately turn into a Dull Totem.
  • Hex: Undying (Blight Perk)
    • When Hex: Undying is active, Survivors’ within range of a Dull Totem, will reveal their auras. After a Hex Totem is cleansed, its Hex (including all Tokens accumulated with it) will be relocated to the Hex: Undying and disable it for the remainder of the trial.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel (Clown Perk)
    • After hooking a Survivor, the next generator broken by the Killer is regressed instantly by up to 25% of its total progression and is applied after the damage to the generator is done.

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