Mining Simulator 2 on Roblox is all about venturing deep into the earth to harvest various materials to sell for coins to buy fun pets and upgraded gear. There are so many layers to dig through and new areas to discover––arctic tundras, the underworld, beaches, and you can even go to space!

You will need to get far to find the most valuable ores to sell. You can use your earned coin to buy pet eggs that hatch into unique, rare creatures that can help with your mining adventure or trade to other players for other pets or even Robux. What pets should you be trying for? Here is the best pet in Mining Simulator 2 and a Pet Value list.

What is the best pet in Mining Simulator 2?

The best pet in the Mining Simulator 2 currently is the Melaken. The Melaken is a Secret pet that was originally part of the Treasure Hunt event. This pet is priceless, as getting your hands on one of them is challenging. It has some of the best skills that assist with mining, and owners of this pet can sell it for almost any price they choose, ranging even past the Kraken between 80,000 to 240,000.

Pet Value List for Mining Simulator 2

Here are all the pets to look out for during your play. From least to most, these pets are considered the most valuable, usually ones that players are willing to trade for.

King PenguinLegendaryArctic1-3
Frost WispLegendaryIce1-3
Dark DragonLegendaryDark1-3
Slime CubeLegendarySlime1-3
Nebular DragonLegendaryNebula1-3
Cyber CometLegendaryCyborg1-3
Virus CubeLegendaryGlitched1-3
Holo ButterflyLegendaryHolographic1-3
Glitched CubeLegendaryGlitched1-3
Tetra CubeLegendaryCyborg1-3
Sorbet BlastLegendary (Treasure Hunt)Sundae6-18
Wandering ShipLegendary (Treasure Hunt)Captain6-18
Crystal CuboidLegendaryCrystal1-3
King HydraLegendaryUnderworld1-3
Blazing PhoenixLegendaryInfernal6-18
Cool SunLegendaryInfernal10-30
Parade CubeLegendaryPatriotic1-3
Rainbow ShockLegendaryHolographic1-3
Dominus VespSecretN/A130-400
Omega OneSecretUnderworld150-450
Brilliant GemSecretCrystal250-750
Sparkle TimesRobuxSparkle Time600-2000
Patriotic ShockLegendaryPatriotic10-35
DogcatSecretSeason 1150-500
Dominus AstraSecretN/A150-500
Giant RobotSecretCyborg400-1300
Beach BoiLegendaryLegendary or Mythical8-24
Seaweed MonsterLegendarySurfing25-90
Exquisite MimicLegendary (Treasure Hunt)Captain15-45
UniconeLegendary (Treasure Hunt)Sundae15-45
Astra HydraLegendaryN/A30-90
Dark BerserkerLegendarySeason 125-75
Dark PhoenixLegendarySeason 115-45
Patriotic MimicRobuxN/A350-1100
Robotic LeviathanSecretHolographic650-1950
Virus CoreSecretGlitched550-1600
Neon AbyssRobuxN/A1800-5400
Blazing GuardianLegendaryInfernal45-135
Bruh BeardLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A35-105
Eternal PopsicleLegendary (Treasure Hunt)Sundae45-135
Haunted SoulLegendary (Treasure Hunt)Captain55-165
Patriotic StarLegendaryPatriotic50-150
Royal HeartRobuxN/A1000-3000
Seaside DogcatLegendaryN/A110-330
Bucket O’ShellsLegendaryN/A135-405
The OverseerLegendaryMystery120-400
Dominus CollectionRobuxN/A4500-13,500
Queen KittySecretMystery16,000-50,000
Delightful TrioLegendaryN/A160-480
Dark DefenderSecretInfernal20,000-60,000
Almighty FlamingoLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A180-540
Infernal RevenantRobuxN/A12,000-36,000
Patriotic RobotSecretPatriotic70,000-210,000
Frost DefenderSecretMystery85,000-255,000
Tidal GodSecretSurfing1500-4500
MagmusLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A400-1200
ToxeusLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A400-1200
CrystalusLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A400-1200
ChromusLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A400-1200
ExoteusLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A400-1200
Captain’s CurseSecret (Treasure Hunt)Captain5000-18,000
Sundae CollectionSecret (Treasure Hunt)Sundae4500-13,500
KrakenSecret (Treasure Hunt)Captain100,000-234,000
GalactusLegendary (Treasure Hunt)N/A400-1200
MelakenSecret (Treasure Hunt)CaptainO/C

What makes a pet valuable in Mining Simulator 2?

Several factors go into determining why a pet is valuable. Not only does their rarity or skills make them worth more, but how hard it is to attain them, such as their hatch rate. The more challenging it is to collect the pet, the more valuable it is for players to trade for, and the more you can probably sell it for in return.

Why are some pets not listed?

This list doesn’t contain every single pet in the game and doesn’t need to. Not all pets are worth selling or trading. Pets are only valuable if they have excellent skills or are not commonly obtainable. This means that most of the pets listed are Legendary and above, as pets below this are not worth it.

Here is the best pet in Mining Simulator 2 and some of the most valuable pets to look out for during your adventure. Let us know in the comments below what pets you have in your collection.

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