Featured alongside a lot of the new content from the Dawning Event, players are on the grind for many new weapons added to the game. Many of them have shown up in the game previously but are making a return with a much-needed update.

One such weapon is the Glacioclasm. Despite its slower charge rate, this weapon is a Void Fusion Rifle that boasts astonishingly high damage and range for a Fusion Rifle. It was first introduced into the game in Season 12, and while it continued to see some use in future seasons, it dropped off a bit with the introduction of new seasonal weapons and ever-changing artifact mods.

But with the weapon returning during the Dawning seasonal event, it’s now back in full rotation, with many people using it to devastate their opponents in PvP. If you happen to pick it up yourself, here are some of the best weapon perks you can get for it. 

Best Perks

As I mentioned before, this weapon is seeing most of its use in PvP activities as this weapon is more than capable of one-shotting other guardians, even from a decent distance. If you happen to get any of these perks, hanging on may be worthwhile.

  • Barrels
    • Hammer-Forged Rifling
    • Small Bore

These will provide an increased range to its already higher than average range stat making it that much more deadly.

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  • Batteries
    • Liquid Coils – slows the charge rate, but increases impact
    • Projection Fuse – More range
  • First Random Perk
    • Killing Wind
    • Subsistence
    • Slideshot
  • Second Random Perk
    • Swashbuckler
    • High-Impact Reserves
    • Reservoir Burst

A combination of Subsistence and Reservoir Burst would be pretty insane to roll on this weapon but would be more useful for PvE encounters. On the other hand, High-Impact Reserves and Killing Wind would be perfect for PvP as you start with less ammo anyway.

With any combination of these, you will be well on your way to an absolute god roll for the Glacioclasm! Good luck with the rolls.

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