Oyster Cookie is a Support-type Super Epic Cookie that prioritizes the rear position. She is one of the elders of the Creme Republic council and the head of House Oyster, which has massive influence over sea trade. Despite being a Support type, Oyster Cookie’s Skill summons soldiers from House Oyster to charge at enemies.

Oyster Cookie’s Skill is unique as cooldown reduction enables her to stack summons up to four times. It’s highly recommended to reduce her cooldown as much as possible with a full Swift Chocolate build. However, if you find that she’s too squishy and isn’t surviving for long enough, add some Solid Almonds for DMG resist. Consider doing a hybrid build of three Swift Chocolates and two Solid Almonds (or vice versa).

For bonus stats, aim for some DMG resist and as much cooldown reduction as possible, as Oyster Cookie’s summons rely on these reductions to multiply and get an ATK boost. You need at least -54.3 percent in cooldown reduction to summon four Oyster Soldiers.

Oyster Cookie can benefit from the Squishy Jelly Watch for cooldown reduction. She can also equip the Seamstress’s Pin Cushion, which increases ATK and summon duration, allowing the Oyster Soldiers to stay on the field for longer.

Might of House Oyster: Summons soldiers of House Oyster and increases the CRIT percent and CRIT DMG for herself and nearby allies for 17 seconds. The summoned soldiers will immediately charge at the enemies, dealing DMG. The soldiers will have extra DEF until the HP of their shields hit zero. Their shields will also resist Knockbacks and Flying. When Oyster Cookie receives a cooldown reduction buff, instead of cooldown reduction, the number of Oyster Soldiers and their ATK will increase.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
  • Soldiers’ Charge DMG: 94 percent
  • Oyster Soldiers: 42.9 percent ATK, 179 percent DEF, 118 percent HP
  • Additional Soldiers: Get an extra Oyster Soldier for every -18.1 percent to cooldown (up to four Oyster Soldiers in total)
  • Soldiers’ ATK: Get +0.9 percent ATK for every -1 percent to cooldown (up to +50 percent ATK)
  • Soldiers’ Shield: 60 percent of Oyster Soldiers’ HP, DEF +30 percent, resistance to Knockback and Flying
  • CRIT Boost: 16.5 percent for 17 seconds
  • CRIT DMG Boost: 13 percent for 17 seconds

Oyster Cookie can be pulled from the normal gacha at any time. She’s also featured in The Illustrious Oyster Cookie event, where you can pull her for free from June 14, 2022, to June 28, 2022.

Check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom The Illustrious Oyster Cookie event guide to participate in Oyster Cookie’s limited-time event.

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