Rainbow’s Six Extraction has numerous mission types and a lot of Operators to choose from. Every Operator has a different ability that fits a certain role. This guide showcases the best Operators to use for Rescue missions in the game.

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In a Rescue mission, your objective is to extract a VIP who’s trapped inside the contamination zone. MIA missions are similar, but you have to forcefully and strategically pull the Operator out of the Archaean tree to grab them. The following five Operators are best suited for these missions:

  • Pulse: His ability is the Cardiac Sensor that allows you to scan VIPs, MIAs, and dormant Nests through walls. This makes Pulse the perfect Operator for Rescue and MIA missions.
  • Tachanka: Deploy Tachanka’s Mounted LMG and use it to shred the hostiles attacking you and the victim. This LMG can be used by any teammate.
  • Jager: While securing an MIA ally, you can deploy Jager’s Active Defense turret to take care of charging Archaeans and incoming projectiles.
  • Lion: Pick Lion for a more stealth-based approach. His EE-ONE-E-D Drone scans and marks moving threats in the area for a short duration. Pair him with Pulse for the most powerful Rescue class in Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • Rook: Rook can provide Armor Pack to himself and teammates. This lets you endure more damage and you are downed instead of getting knocked out.

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Both of these missions require you to carry the victim, hence you will have to use your sidearm (Pistol) more often. Before loading into these missions, make sure to kit your secondary with the proper attachments.

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