Normal-type Pokémon are never the most sought-after Pokémon typing, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there are plenty of choices for Normal-type Pokémon, and many of them are very powerful and great to use in battle. The newly introduced Ursaluna tops the list as the best Normal-type Pokémon in the game.


Ursaluna is in the Teddiursa family and is originally from the Hisui region. Its dual-typing of Ground and Normal gives it two immunities (Electric and Ghost-type moves), and its base attack stat is a staggering 140, putting its attack power on par with even some legendary Pokémon.

Ursaluna’s Stats and Strengths/Weaknesses

  • Type: Normal and Ground
  • Stat Total: 550
    • HP: 130
    • Attack: 140
    • Special Attack: 45
    • Defense: 105
    • Special Defense: 80
    • Speed: 50
Damage ModifierMove Types
4x Increased DamageN/A
2x Increased DamageFighting; Water; Grass; Ice Type
0.5x Less DamagePoison; Rock Type
0.25x Less DamageN/A
ImmunitiesGhost; Electric Type

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Other strong Normal Type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There are many options when it comes to Normal-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The classic Normal-type heavies of previous games return as the best choices in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Snorlax and Blissey are still their tanky selves, and Porygon-Z is a surprisingly great Pokémon to take into battle.


Snorlax has always been a fan-favorite in the Pokémon series, and for a good reason. This Pokémon is more than just a sleeping roadblock. It has great HP and attack stat, and with its special defense stat, it is only really threatened by Fighting-type moves.

  • Type: Normal
  • Stat Total: 540
    • HP: 160
    • Attack: 110
    • Special Attack: 65
    • Defense: 65
    • Special Defense: 110
    • Speed: 30


Blissey has an enormous HP stat, topping the chart at 255. The rest of its stats suffer as a result, however, with its attack and defense stat both at a measly 10. Blissey is useful in some situations and is not a bad choice when looking for a high HP Pokémon.

  • Type: Normal
  • Stat Total: 540
    • HP: 255
    • Attack: 10
    • Special Attack: 75
    • Defense: 10
    • Special Defense: 135
    • Speed: 55


Porygon-Z is probably the most well-rounded Normal-type option. Its attack and speed are respectable, and it also packs a real punch with its 135 special attack stat.

  • Type: Normal
  • Stat Total: 535
    • HP: 85
    • Attack: 80
    • Special Attack: 135
    • Defense: 70
    • Special Defense: 75
    • Speed: 90

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