Fighting through a disappointing launch and backlash, No Man’s Sky (NMS) has fought its way back from the brink to become the game it was originally advertised as. Now a completely unique adventure through space that allows players to explore planets to their heart’s desire, the game has once again caught the attention of gamers everywhere. However, not every headache or issue has been removed from the game. To remedy these as well as improve the No Man’s Sky experience, here are some of the best mods for No Man’s Sky.

Some of No Man’s Sky’s Best Mods

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Reduced Launch Cost

From new players to seasoned planet hoppers, every NMS player has to deal with a crippling energy cost to launch their ship. The Reduced Launch Cost mod was created specifically to counteract this heavy burden, allowing the player to set their own launch cost between ten and five percent and even allowing that cost to be zero.

Fast Actions

While taking actions within NMS doesn’t come with a heavy energy investment as launching does, they come with their own tedious investment in the form of time. Many actions, even simple ones like interacting with NPCs, take seconds to perform. At first, this sounds silly, but when each action takes one or two seconds, it can begin to wear on players. Enter the Fast Actions mod, which offers both fast action and instant action options that offer a smoother, speedier experience for space travelers.

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Better Planet Generation

And when said space travelers touch down on the game’s planets, they may find some similar patterns between them, such as similar life, minerals, aesthetics, and overall look. This can become samey and boring over time, but the Better Planet Generation mod looks to fix this problem. It also does so in no small measure, adding over 400 new environments to the game as well as a new biome. The mod also increases the spawn rate of objects in the environments so that empty space is reduced, making each planet an entirely unique experience.


An unfortunate feature of ship travel in NMS is the height restrictions imposed on the player’s ship. Rather than a height limit dictating the maximum height, instead, the game stops the ship from flying close to the ground. The mod LowFlight allows the player to alter or even remove this limit entirely, allowing for observation and quick travel without being too far away to see anything. Additionally, it frees up some ship maneuverability and allows the player to fly underwater as though they were in a Subnautica sub.

Better Rewards

For many, the early game of NMS can be quite the grind to get resources and learn new languages. This is in large part due to the reward system of the game which does not offer very much in the way of help for the player to progress. Enter the Better Rewards mod to heavily increase the rewards players get from learning sources, environments, and frigate expeditions. These increases range anywhere from double the original value to over ten times the original, making the game much more of a breeze for players.

How to Install Mods

The mods above and many others can be found on Nexus Mods, a site dedicated to providing mods for players. To install these mods, head over to the site at No Man’s Sky Nexus – Mods and Community ( Then, search for and click on the mod you wish to install. Each mod typically leaves directions for installing it, but for those that do not, here are some directions:

  • Locate the No Man’s Sky folder and find the GAMEDATA folder.
  • Within GAMEDATA, find PCBANKS.
  • Find the DISABLEMODS.TXT file within PCBANKS.
  • Delete the DISABLEMODS.TXT file.
  • Create a new folder named MODS to house the mod in PCBANKS.
  • Unzip the mod and move the desired .pak file from the mod into the new folder.

Once these steps have been taken, the mod should be ready for you to enjoy!

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