Ningguang—Tianquan of Liyue’s Qixing, a most-savvy businessman who pulls the strings behind the nation’s massive commerce industry, a certified Mora lover, and the game’s first four-star Geo Catalyst user. Players can get the elusive Lady of the Jade Chamber through Standard and Limited Banner summons, and occasionally through the Starglitter Exchange from Paimon’s Bargains.

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Don’t be fooled by her four-star status. With the right build, Ningguang shines against enemies (especially bosses) of almost all Elements and can carry your team as a Main or Burst DPS. Here’s her best-in-slot build plus alternatives depending on your team comp.


Ningguang’s skills scale off Attack so she benefits from the higher base stats from five-star Catalysts—most of which synergizes well with her. The three below are her best weapons.

  • Skyward Atlas (best for Burst DPS)
  • Memory of Dust (great overall)
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (best for Main DPS)

For four-star weapons, Ningguang’s best-in-slot is the Dodoco Tales at Refinement 5. If you missed out on the Golden Apple Archipelago Event, these runner-ups are great for her too:

  • Solar Pearl (best for Burst DPS)
  • The Widsith (great overall)


A lot of Artifacts work well with Ningguang, but these are some of the best options to maximize her Damage output. Keep in mind that your weapon will determine the best Artifact Substats to roll for. Prioritize getting her Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Attack stats up.

You want to aim for at least 40% Crit Rate, 170% Crit Damage, and 1,700 Attack to make her viable against tougher enemies, but going higher is always better!

Best-in-Slot Overall:

  • 2-piece Archaic Petra and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
  • Set bonus: +15% Geo Damage and +18% Attack.
  • This set is amazing for Ningguang at any Constellation, but it especially shines when you build her to spam her Elemental Burst.

Best-in-Slot For Non-Burst Build

  • 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.
  • Set bonus: After casting an Elemental Skill with at least 15 Energy, gain +50% Damage for Plunge/Normal/Charged Attacks for 10 seconds. Lose 15 Energy in the process.
  • This set will grant Ningguang an insane amount of Damage from her Normal and Charged. Attacks. But you need to put her on a strict rotation to take advantage of the set bonus, losing Burst Damage in the process.

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All three of Ningguang’s Talents boost her Damage output, but if you’re conserving resources, consider this priority:

  • Main DPS: Sparkling Scatter>Starshatter>Jade Screen
  • Burst DPS: Starshatter>Jade Screen>Sparkling Scatter

Battle Tips & Tricks

Ningguang is easy to use as a quickswap character (Burst DPS) or on-field carry (Main DPS). Take advantage of Geo Resonance, as it will give +15% shield strength and +15% Damage and -20% enemy Geo Resistance for characters protected by a shield. On that note, Ningguang’s best Support is Zhongli, who can offer 100 percent shield uptime plus Geo Resonance.

Here are some quick tips to further enhance your Ningguang gameplay:

  • When auto attacking, use a Normal>Normal>Charged Attack rotation for better control.
  • When using Normal or Charged Attacks, press the forward button (W for PC, swipe up for Mobile, and Left Stick up for Playstation) to animation cancel. Doing so will increase her Attack Speed.
  • In battle, drop Ningguang’s Elemental Skill, go through the Jade Screen for a 12% Geo Damage Bonus (minimum Ascension 4), and then cast her Elemental Burst. Doing so will shatter the screen but grant an additional projectile.

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