Nature is an important aspect of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Nature can be used to maximize a Pokémon’s efficiency in battle, as it affects two of a Pokémon’s stats (attack, defense, special attack, special defense, or speed). A Pokémon’s Nature should complement its stats in a way that increases its strengths and minimizes its weaknesses.

Riolu and Lucario are a great fit for any Pokémon team. When Riolu is evolved into Lucario, it gains a Steel-typing on top of its Fighting-type. This gives it a large number of resistances which help it out in battle immensely.

Best Natures

  • Adamant: Attack (+), Special Attack (-)
  • Mild: Special Attack (+), Defense (-)

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How to choose the best Nature

Riolu’s highest stat is his attack stat, making Adamant the best Nature for it, as it increases his attack power in battle. This changes however upon evolution. Lucario’s best stat is his special attack, and the best Nature for it is Mild. Some Pokémon can have their best stat switch when they evolve, and it is important to keep this in mind. Since Lucario is the final evolution, the better Nature to go with is probably Mild.

Adamant is a great Nature for players who rely on physical attacks when in battle. This Nature does lower the Pokémon’s special attack capabilities, so players choosing this Nature should be sure to emphasize those physical attacks.

Mild is great for players that use special attacks more and is a far better idea for Lucario as it has access to great special attacks like Aura Sphere.

These two Natures compliment Riolu and Lucario at different points in their evolution, but ultimately the best Nature comes down to how players decide to use the Pokémon in battle. If players lean more towards physical attacks then it is better to stick with Riolu’s best Nature.

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