Eevee is arguably one of the best Pokémon in any game, simply because you can grow Eevee into whatever you want it to be. For example, an Umbreon is a good tank, while Espeon and Glaceon make excellent special attackers.

However, optimizing your Eeveelution’s growth helps to know what nature is best for it. After all, nature dictates which stat gets a 10% boost and which stat grows 10% slower. Below are the ideal natures for every Eevee evolution.

Best nature for Espeon

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As mentioned, Espeon can be grown into a deadly special attacker due to its high base Special Attack stat. To get the most out of Espeon, Timid (+Spd, -Atk) is the nature that you want on it. The additional speed boost will also allow it to outspeed many Pokémon in the competitive scene, such as Ninetails.

Moreover, the speed boost will make up for Espeon’s poor Defense stat. If your Espeon hits first and hits hard, then you should be able to bulldoze through most opponents.

Best nature for Flareon

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Flareon has low HP and Speed, but it makes up for it with its naturally high Attack stat. Your Flareon should be an Adamant (+Atk, -Sp Atk) one. This also means that you need to forgo type special attack Fire-type moves like Flamethrower and focus on physical ones, such as Fire Fang and Flare Blitz. Flareon learns many of them, so you don’t need to worry.

Best nature for Glaceon

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Glaceon’s Special Attack is on par with Espeon’s. However, Glaceon doesn’t have Espeon’s high base speed. Instead, all those points went to its Defense. For this reason, the best nature for Glaceon is Modest (+Sp Atk, -Atk). It can tank a few hits, so it doesn’t need to be fast. Just make sure you avoid the usual Ice weaknesses like Fire and Fighting.

Best nature for Jolteon

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Light travels fast, and so does Jolteon—after all, Jolteon is the Eeveelution with the highest base Speed. Like Espeon, a Timid (+Spd, -Atk) Eevee is the best one to evolve into a Jolteon. In fact, a Timid Jolteon will outspeed nearly every competitive Pokémon except maybe a Jolly Gyarados.

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However, since Jolteon is already pretty fast, you can also opt to raise a Modest (+Sp Atk, -Atk) one. This will allow Jolteon to hit (nearly) as hard as Espeon.

Best nature for Leafeon

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Leafeon is one of the rare Pokemon that is both fast and tanky. A Jolly (+Spd, -Sp Atk) or Adamant (+Atk, -Sp Atk) nature will work on it. Jolly if you want to maximize its high base speed and Adamant if you’re confident enough that it’ll tank the first few hits. If ever, just make sure that your Leafeon isn’t up against a Pokémon with moves it’s weak too, as Grass types naturally have a ton of common weaknesses like Fire and Flying.

Best nature for Sylveon

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Despite its Fairy typing, famous for its high Special Attack capacity, Sylveon’s biggest asset is its Special Defense. To maximize the growth of this stat, a Calm (+Sp Def, -Atk) nature is recommended. Calm speeds up the growth of a Pokemon’s Special Defense while slowing down its Attack’s—this is perfect as Sylveon’s second-highest stat is its Special Attack.

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You can also opt to raise a Modest (+Sp Atk, -Atk) Sylveon, which bumps its Special Attack instead.

Best nature for Umbreon

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Umbreon is the Eeveelution with the highest Defense, so a Bold (+Def, -Atk) or Impish (+Def, -Sp Atk) nature is best on it. It simply depends on what kind of attacker you would like to grow your Umbreon into. Umbreon’s second-highest stat is its Special Defense, making it one of the two best Eevee tanks.

Best nature for Vaporeon

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The other best Eevee tank is Vaporeon due to its crazy high HP stat. Bold (+Def, -Atk) or Calm (+Sp Def, -Atk) natures are preferred on it, as both throwaway Vaporeon’s laughable Attack for a Defense or Special Defense boost. It’s just a matter of which kind of attacker you’re going to pit Vapoeon against. If it’s a physical attacker like Gyarados, go for Bold, and if it’s a special attacker, go for Calm.

Every Eeveelution is good and weak at and against something. If you’re choosing an Eeveevoltion due to its appearance, that’s perfectly fine—just make sure to grow it correctly!

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