We all know that Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online have supercars to boot, but what about muscle cars? Sometimes, you want a vehicle that still has a great deal of speed but also looks like you could ram through the fence of a Tim McGraw concert with it.

Below are 10 of the best muscle cars you can get in the game, so take your pick!

Vapid Dominator GTX

The GTX version of the Dominator has a more modern muscle look to it, and it is very appealing! Based on the current Ford Mustang, it can get you to a top speed of 108mph. It may not be considered a speed demon, but it definitely has devilish looks!

Grab yourself one from Southern S.A Super Autos for $725,000.

Bravado Gauntlet

The Bravado Gauntlet is quite a common car in the base game and can usually be seen around the streets of Los Santos. It can get you up to a top speed of 113mph, and if you are looking for a starter muscle, this is one of your best options.

If you can’t pinch one, you can buy a Bravado from Southern S.A Super Autos for $32,000, bargain!

Imponte Duke O’Death

The Imponte is basically a replica of the Dodge Charger/Pontiac GTO. It doesn’t have the highest top speed, but most certainly has the armor and intimidation factor down to a tee! The Duke will get you up to 114mph, meaning it’s still no slouch, just not as fast as some others.

Grab it from the Warstock Cache and Carry for $665,000.

Bravado Redwood Gauntlet

If you don’t smoke a pack of Redwoods, then what kind of person are you?! Just joking, with this, we are talking about the Bravado Redwood, which is a Gauntlet Muscle car. It comes with branded livery and has a top speed of 117mph. Not bad for a car that smokes…

Get the Gauntlet from Southern S.A Super Autos for a relatively low price of $230,000.

Vapid Dominator ASP

The Vapid Dominator is modeled off the real-life Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R and definitely packs enough punch. With a top speed of 119 mph, it may not go up against your sports cars in the game, but it’s awesome to drive and has that muscle aesthetic we love.

You can buy it at Southern S.A Super Autos for $1,775,000.

Imponte Ruiner 2000

If you have ever wanted to drive KITT from Knight Rider, then this is your chance to do it in-game! The Imponte Ruiner will get you to 119mph whilst also letting you feel like an ’80s TV hero, or Hasselhoff… whichever you want to feel like.

It can be bought from the Warstock Cache and Carry for a whopping $5,745,600.

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Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire

The Hellfire is based on the real-life 5th Gen Chevrolet Camaro and looks just as beautiful! Its top speed goes up to 125mph, making it a contender in racing situations.

You can grab one from Southern S.A Super Autos for a nice $745,000 price tag.

Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom

If you are a fan of the classics, then the Gauntlet Custom will be up your street. The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and 1970 Plymouth Superbird bring all the muscle you could want with a great retro style. It can also get you up to a top speed of 125mph, which is pretty good!

Grab the Classic version from Benny’s Original Motor Works for $615,000, and upgrade it to the Custom variant at Benny’s.

Declasse Impaler (Arena)

If you really want to show off your engine, then the Declasse Impaler is for you, as it literally impales the hood of the car! Based off of Pachenko’s Buick from the film Death Race, this puppy will get you up to a speed of 130 mph, which is not too shabby!

You can buy it from ArenaWar.tv for the price of $1,209,500.

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Vapid Dominator (Arena)

If you love the Vapid Dominator but wish it had a little more horsepower under the hood, then you want to get yourself the Arena edition. Accompanied by a reinforced cage, it also ups the top speed to 131mph, making it even more of a competitor than its original counterpart!

It is available from ArenaWar.tv for $1,132,000.

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