MP9 is a strong contender for the best Submachine Gun in Battlefield 2042. It is very easy to control and has an extremely high fire rate, making it even better for beginners and veterans. Follow this guide for the best MP9 loadout and attachments in the game.

Best MP9 Loadout Battlefield 2042

  • Sight – Fusion Holo
  • Ammunition – Close Combat Extended
  • Underbarrel – BCG Light Grip / LS-1 Laser Sight
  • Barrel – 6KU Suppressor

First off, equip the Fusion Holo sight since you’ll primarily use the SMG for close-quarters. Fusion Holo is one of the cleanest optics available in the game and can be unlocked by getting 30 kills with the MP9.

The 30 rounds base magazine is decent, but it’s not enough as the weapon shoots rapidly. The Extended ammunition adds 10 more bullets to the mag and improves the weapon’s efficiency. Keep in mind that this will affect your reload speed which you may have to get accustomed to.

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If you prefer strafing while shooting, BCG Light Grip is a must as it will help with accuracy. You may also use the second option in the attachment list, i.e., LS-1 Laser, which tightens the hip-fire spread of the MP9 SMG.

Finally, the barrel attachment is highly subjective. We recommend using the Suppressor, which keeps you undetected on the minimap. However, it hurts the weapon’s range. Equip the Factory Barrel instead if the range reduction bothers you. Other available options include various muzzles for better accuracy.

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