With Spheal being featured as the January 2022 Community Day Pokémon, we can expect to see the entire evolution line showing up more often in battles, especially Walrein. To make sure your Pokémon are the strongest, you’ll want to pick the right movesets to maximize damage.

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Since this entire evolution line is Ice and Water types, you want to focus on these attacks. For the most part, these Pokémon will all use the same types of attacks. However, the list of best attacks can change as Pokémon evolve or in different weather conditions.


  • Any Sealeo evolved into a Walrein during the event’s timeframe (and up to two hours after) will automatically learn the Ice attacks Icicle Spear and Powder Snow. Icicle Spear is a brand new move in Pokémon go and will likely be the best Ice charged attack. In case you don’t have it, we have provided the best alternative in the list below.
  • Ice attacks are boosted by Snow weather and Water attacks are boosted by Rainy weather.

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Best Movesets

Weather Boost
No Weather Boost
SphealQuick Attack: Water Gun
Charge Attack: Aurora Beam
Quick Attack: Water Gun
Charge Attack:
Aurora Beam
Weather Boost: 5.99
No Weather Boost: 5.25
SealeoQuick Attack: Water Gun
Charge Attack: Aurora Beam
Quick Attack: Water Gun
Charge Attack: Water Beam
Weather Boost: 8.24
No Weather Boost: 7.39
Walrein Quick Attack: Frost Breath
Charge Attack: Blizzard
Quick Attack: Waterfall
Charge Attack:
Weather Boost: 12.08
No Weather Boost: 10.82

That’s all you need to know for the best movesets for these Pokémon!

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