Abomasnow is known as one of the strongest Ice Pokémon in Pokémon Go. With its first form, Snover, being featured as a Spotlight Hour Pokémon on Dec. 21, 2021, we can expect to see a lot more Abomasnow in trainer battles. To make sure your Abomasnow outlasts your opponents, you’ll want it to have the strongest attacks possible.

Since both Pokémon are Ice and Grass types, you want to focus on these attacks. For the most part, these Pokémon will all use the same types of attacks. However, the list of best attacks can change as Pokémon evolve or in different weather conditions.


  • Despite Abomasnow being one of the strongest Ice Pokémon, it unfortunately doesn’t have any attack types that are particularly strong. It’s recommended that you stick to Ice attacks for Snover, as those seem to be its strongest attacks. Abomasnow’s Grass attacks can be much stronger, though.
  • Ice attacks are boosted by Snow weather and Grass attacks are boosted by Sunny/Clear weather.

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Best Movesets

Weather Boost
No Weather Boost
SnoverQuick Attack: Powder Snow
Charge Attack: Ice Beam
Quick Attack: Powder Snow
Charge Attack:
Ice Beam
Weather Boost: 7.94
No Weather Boost: 6.58
AbomasnowQuick Attack: Razor Leaf
Charge Attack: Weather Ball
Quick Attack: Razor Leaf
Charge Attack: Weather Ball
Weather Boost: 12.92
No Weather Boost: 11.22

That’s all you need to know for the best movesets for these Pokémon!

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