Greninja is the full evolution of Froakie and was released in early December for the winter season in Pokémon Go. This Dark and Water-type Pokémon has a lot of different moves available to them under both types. We’ll dissect the full list of moves for Greninja and then show which ones are the best.

Best Moves for Defensive and Offensive Playstyles

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Depending on the type of role Greninja is being used, different move sets will work better for them. For the most part, all of the Water-type moves are Greninja’s best. However, to make Greninja a harder foe against Ghost and Psychic Pokémon types we’ll add in a Dark-type move to each set as options.

Top Defensive Moves:

  1. Bubble – 12 Base Damage | 10 DPS | 11.7 EPS
  2. Surf – 65 Base Damage | 38.2 DPS | -29.4 EPS

Alternative Heavy Attack: Night Slash – 50 Base Damage | 22.7 DPS | -15 EPS

Top Offensive Moves:

  1. Feint Attack – 10 Base Damage | 11.1 DPS | 10 EPS
  2. Hydro Pump – 130 Base Damage | 39.4 DPS | -30.3 EPS

Alternative Light Attack: Bubble – 12 Base Damage | 10 DPS | 11.7 EPS

All Moves Available for Greninja

Image via Niantic

All Water-type Moves:

  • Bubble
  • Hydro Pump
  • Surf

All Dark-type Moves:

  • Feint Attack
  • Night Slash

Flying Type Move:

  • Aerial Ace

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