Whiscash is one of the few Pokémon with the Water/Ground typing, making it naturally bulky. It has similar Attack and Special Attack, learning very strong Physical and Special moves both from leveling up and Zisu. As a result, Whiscash is good at covering its single weakness, as well as having great coverage for multiple Pokémon. These are the best moves for Whiscash in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Best Moves

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Aqua TailWaterPhysical127.59010
Earth PowerGroundSpecial12010010
Ice BeamIceSpecial8010010
Zen HeadbuttPsychicPhysical809010

Whiscash will learn Aqua Tail at level 34 (masters at 45), Earth Power at level 43 (masters at 54), Zen Headbutt at level 25 (masters at 35), and learns Ice Beam from Zisu.

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How to use Whiscash best in battle

Whiscash’s two S.T.A.B. (Same-Type Attack Boost) moves are Aqua Tail and Earth Power. Aqua Tail gives Whiscash coverage for Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pokémon. Using Aqua Tail in the Strong Style will increase its Accuracy, making sure it doesn’t miss. Earth Power gives this Pokémon coverage against Fire, Rock, Steel, and Electric types and has a chance of lowering the target’s defensive stats.

Ice Beam covers Whiscash’s one glaring weakness in Grass types. Given that Whiscash doesn’t have very high defensive stats, having Ice Beam allows it to respond to moves that can potentially take it out in one hit. Ice Beam gives coverage against Grass, Ground, Dragon, and Flying-type Pokémon. Zen Headbutt can be replaced with Stone Edge but doesn’t add much in terms of coverage for Whiscash. Zen Headbutt will give coverage against Fighting and Poisont-ype Pokémon, and Stone Edge gives coverage against Fire, Ice, Bug, and Flying-type Pokémon. Stone Edge also has a high critical hit ratio.

Whiscash’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 468
    • HP: 110
    • Attack: 78
    • Defense: 73
    • Special Attack: 76
    • Special Defense: 71
    • Speed: 60

With its high HP, Whiscash can take quite a few hits. Being resistant to Poison, Rock, Steel, and Fire, Whiscash does the best against these types. It should rarely be used against a Grass Type, but Ice Beam can be used whenever it doesn’t have a choice.

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