Torterra’s best moves in Pokémon Legends: Arceus are Leaf Blade, Double-Edge, Wood Hammer, and Headlong Rush. We picked these moves based on Torterra’s base stats and the S.T.A.B (same type attack bonus). This bonus yields a 50 percent increase in damage output if the chosen move shares the Pokémon’s typing.

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Double EdgeNormalPhysical12010015
Leaf BladeGrassPhysical13510015
Headlong RushGroundPhysical1501005
Wood HammerGrassPhysical18010015

Torterra’s Most Powerful Moves

Since Torterra is both a grass and a ground-type Pokémon, let’s take a closer look at its best moves in question. Leaf Blade is a physical grass-type move learned at level 34 (mastered at 45) with an attack power of 135. Headlong Rush is a physical ground-type move and Torterra’s last move learned at level 57 (mastered at 71) with an attack power of 150. Wood Hammer, a grass-type physical move, is this Pokémon’s best one with a whopping overall attack power of 180

While Double-Edge is a normal-type move, its attack power maxes out at an impressive 120 for Torterra and provides great general coverage with 15 power points (PP). Perhaps most important, Double-Edge is a physical move like the others—Torterra’s move specialty. This Pokémon’s base attack stat is its highest, and its defense is the second-highest.

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Torterra’s Base Stats

  • Stat Total: 525
    • HP: 95
    • Attack: 109
    • Defense: 105
    • Special Attack: 75
    • Special Defense: 85
    • Speed: 56

The rest, especially speed, come in either average or a bit below. This means physical attacks rather than special attacks will always be Torterra’s forte in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Many other powerful moves such as Hyper Beam or Stone Edge can be learned for a price from Zisu at the Training Grounds in Jubiife Village, but they are special attacks. This Pokémon’s best moves are learned naturally as it levels up.

Torterra is the final evolutionary form of Turtwig, which can be found in Cottonsedge Prarie in the Crimson Mirelands (but an Alpha Torterra can be caught at the Home of Trials). Torterra’s power is above average yet not among the strongest. Be sure to also take advantage of its best nature, which adds a further 10 percent attack increase.

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