Steel/Ground just makes sense for this beefy tank of a Pokémon. With four weaknesses that can be easily covered with its diverse movepool, Steelix has two immunities and eight resistances. This makes it uniquely able to switch into nearly anything with confidence. Its low Speed is made up for with a massive 200 Base Defense Stat with decent Special Defense and Attack. These are the best moves for Steelix to take advantage of in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Best Moves

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
High HorsepowerGroundPhysical127.59510
Iron TailSteelPhysical150755
Stone EdgeRockPhysical100805
Aqua TailWaterPhysical859010

Steelix will learn High Horsepower at level 34 (masters at 45), Iron Tail at level 43 (masters at 54), and both Stone Edge and Aqua Tail from Zisu.

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How to use Steelix best in battle

Steelix is a fantastic Pokémon to fight against any of the Types it resists. This includes Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy. It is also immune to Poison and Electric moves. Its two highest S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Boost) moves are High Horsepower and Iron Tail. High Horsepower can be used in the Strong Style to increase its Accuracy, ensure it never misses. It deals super effective damage against Rock, Fire, Steel, and Electric Type Pokémon. Iron Tail has a chance of lowering the target’s defensive stats and deals super effective damage against Rock, Ice, and Fairy Types.

Stone Edge has good coverage against anything that isn’t resisted by Steelix’s two S.T.A.B. moves and has a high critical hit ratio. It is good against Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice Types. Aqua Tail is primarily for any Ground Type Pokémon that Steelix may come across as a super effective hit will deal more damage than High Horsepower. It provides coverage against Fire, Ground, and Rock Type Pokémon. The only Pokémon that Steelix really struggles against are Fighting Types, but most Fighting Types will be Physical Attackers anyway. Steelix’s high Defense is more than enough to deal with a super effective hit, even from Close Combat.

Steelix’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 510
    • HP: 75
    • Attack: 85
    • Defense: 200
    • Special Attack: 55
    • Special Defense: 65
    • Speed: 30

Steelix may not be able to take out its opponents in one hit but it will always win the battle of attrition. When hit on the Special side, Steelix may not always be the right choice, but with so many resistances, it will be rare to find moments it’s not.

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