Pokémon Legends: Arceus features a new regional variant of some fan-favorite Pokémon. One of these is the Fire-type starter, Typhlosion. Hisuian Typhlosion is a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon that evolves from Cyndaquil (at level 14) and Quilava (at level 36). With Hisuian Typhlosion’s Fire and Ghost-typing, the strongest moves will share those typings, as they will benefit from S.T.A.B. (Same-Type Attack Bonus). This makes them do increased damage in battle. The best moves for Typhlosion are Overheat, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, and Hex.

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Shadow BallGhostSpecial12010015

Hisuian Typhlosion will learn the move Overheat at level 43 (mastery at level 54), Flamethrower at level 34 (mastery at level 45), Shadow Ball at level 43 (mastery at level 54), and will Hex via evolution.

How to use Hisuian Typhlosion best in battle

When in battle, players should know which Pokémon typings to avoid and which to attack. It is important to keep this in mind to avoid any unnecessary casualties when using Hisuian Typhlosion. Typhlosion is a Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon.

Ghost-type Pokémon will take more damage from Ghost and Dark-type attacks and will be more effective against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon. Fire-type Pokémon will be more vulnerable to Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves while performing better against Steel, Bug, Grass, and Ice-type Pokémon.

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Hisuian Typhlosion’s base stats:

  • Stat Total: 534
    • HP: 73
    • Attack: 84
    • Defense: 78
    • Special Attack: 119
    • Special Defense: 85
    • Speed: 95

Hisuian Typhlosion has a much better Special Attack stat compared to its Attack stat. This means that it will perform better with Special attacks in battle over Physical attacks. Players should keep this in mind when choosing the Pokémon’s moveset. Pairing a Pokémon’s moves with its stats can make it far more effective in battle.

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