One of the Pokémon franchise’s pseudo-legendary Pokémon got a new Regional variant in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Hisuian Goodra differs from its original variant in its additional Steel-typing. Hisuian Goodra evolves from Goomy (at level 40) and Hisuian Sliggoo (at level 50, during rainy weather).

Hisuian Goodra is a Dragon and Steel-dual type Pokémon, giving it an impressive list of immunities and resistances. The Pokémon’s best moves are those that fall within these two typings and benefit from S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Bonus), which will cause increased damage in battle. Hydro PumpDragon PulseIron Head, and Water Pulse are the best moves for Hisuian Goodra.

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Hydro PumpWaterSpecial110805
Dragon PulseDragonSpecial127.510010
Iron HeadSteelPhysical12010015
Water PulseWaterSpecial6010020

Hisuian Goodra will learn the move Hydro Pump at level 43 (mastered at level 54), Dragon Pulse at level 25 (mastered at level 35), Iron Head at level 25 (mastered at level 35), and Water Pulse at level 18 (mastered at level 38).

How to use Hisuian Goodra best in battle

Hisuian Goodra is a Steel and Dragon-type Pokémon, so players hoping to use it most effectively will need to know which typings it is strong and weak against.

Steel-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type moves. Moves with a Steel-typing will be super effective against Rock, Ice, and Fairy-type Pokémon.

Dragon-type Pokémon are weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type moves. Dragon-type attacks will be super effective against other Dragon-type Pokémon.

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Hisuian Goodra’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 600
    • HP: 80
    • Attack: 100
    • Defense: 100
    • Special Attack: 110
    • Special Defense: 150
    • Speed: 60

Hisuian Goodra is slightly better with its special attack stat than its regular attack stat. This means that special attacks are the better choice for it in battle and will do slightly better against opponents.

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