The Geodude line of Pokémon may not have Sturdy anymore, but they all still pack a punch. With two times four weaknesses in Grass and Water, it can be difficult to counter opposing Pokémon. Despite these weaknesses, it can easily tank a hit and retaliate with a S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Bonus) or super effective move.

Best Moves

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Stone EdgeRockPhysical150805
Fire PunchFirePhysical7510010
Iron HeadSteelPhysical8010010

Golem will learn Stone Edge at level 57 (masters at 71), Fire Punch through Zisu, Iron Head through Zisu, and Bulldoze at level 26 (masters at 35).

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How to use Golem best in battle

Stone Edge covers Flying, Fire, Bug, and Ice Types and is boosted by the Same Type Attack Bonus, or S.T.A.B. Golem makes excellent use of this move in the Strong Style as it raises its Accuracy and Power. Fire Punch covers Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel Types, and the chance to Burn the target makes it a good defensive option as well.

Thunder Punch is an alternative that covers Water and Flying Types, and the chance to Paralyze the target makes it more likely for Golem not to take damage and move more often in the turn order. Iron Head covers Fairy, Rock, and Ice Types and is a good option for any Pokémon resistant to Golem’s other moves. Bulldoze is another good STAB move that covers Rock, Fire, and Steel Type Pokémon while making sure that Golem can keep up during battles with its low Speed.

Golem’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 495
    • HP: 80
    • Attack: 120
    • Defense: 130
    • Special Attack: 55
    • Special Defense: 65
    • Speed: 45

Golem’s tankiness makes it able to take any hit and respond with super effective damage or a powerful Stone Edge. It is powerful Physically but its frailty to Special moves makes it difficult to fight against powerful Water or Grass Types.

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