With one of the best defensive Typings in Pokémon, Gastrodon has only one weakness, one immunity, and four resistances. Its Grass weakness can be dealt with Ice Beam and its other move slots can be filled with coverage for anything else it might encounter. Gastrodon can be used as a mixed attacker, utilizing both Physical and Special moves while keeping itself healthy with Recover. These are the best moves for Gastrodon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Best Moves

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Hydro PumpWaterSpecial150855
Earth PowerGroundSpecial12010010
Ice BeamIceSpecial8010010
Stone EdgeRockPhysical100805

Gastrodon will learn Hydro Pump at level 47 (masters at 59), Earth Power at level 29 (masters at 40), and both Ice Beam and Stone Edge from Zisu.

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How to use Gastrodon best in battle

Gastrodon’s two biggest weaknesses are matchups against Grass Types and its own low Speed. Defensively, it can take multiple hits from any other move Type, but a Grass move will spell disaster for this Pokémon. If it is forced to stay in on a Grass Type Pokémon, however, Ice Beam is its best option for it. The move also has a chance of causing Frostbite, making Gastrodon feel safe if the opposing Pokémon is unable to act. It has coverage against Flying, Grass, and Ground Type Pokémon. Hydro Pump is its best move for everything else that Water isn’t resisted by and is its best S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Boost) move. This does super effective damage against Rock, Ground, and Fire Types.

Earth Power is the Gastrodon’s other S.T.A.B. move and a powerful one at that. It has the chance of lowering the target’s defensive stats as well, making fights easier for it. It provides coverage against Rock, Steel, Electric, and Fire Type Pokémon. Stone Edge is the last in the slot and can be traded off for Recover. Stone edge is a Physical move with a high critical hit ratio and deals with Bug, Flying, Ice, and Fire Types. Recover, on the other hand, will heal Gastrodon for 50 percent of its HP. Using this move in the Agile Style can potentially make up for Gastrodon’s low Speed as well, making it better to use than normal healing items.

Gastrodon’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 475
    • HP: 111
    • Attack: 83
    • Defense: 68
    • Special Attack: 92
    • Special Defense: 82
    • Speed: 39

Gastrodon rarely doesn’t perform well unless it’s against a Pokémon with Grass coverage. Water/Ground is a powerful Typing that is useful to bring out against anything it is resistant to. Bringing Gastrodon to fight a Poison, Rock, Steel, or Fire Type only to see it shrug off the damage is what makes it so great.

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