In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Dustox is a Bug and Poison-type Pokémon. It will evolve from Wurmple (at level 7, depending on personality) and Cascoon (at level 10). This Pokémon isn’t the greatest, but it can definitely do in a pinch. Players likely won’t find much use for this Pokémon after the early game.

Dustox is a Bug and Poison-type Pokémon which means its best moves are also Bug and Poison-type. This is because, with S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Bonus), Pokémon that use moves matching their typing will receive bonus damage with those moves. Dustox’s best moves are Bug Buzz, Extrasensory, Venoshock, and Silver Wind.

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Bug BuzzBugSpecial13510010
Silver WindBugSpecial901005

Dustox will learn Bug Buzz at level 43 (mastered at level 54), Extrasensory at level 34 (mastered at level 45), Venoshock at level 25 (mastered at level 35), and Silver Wind at level 18 (mastered at level 28).

How to use Dustox best in battle

Dustox is a Poison and Bug-type Pokémon. Players who are wanting to use it effectively will need to know which types are super effective against it and which moves it is super effective against.

Poison-type attacks are super effective against Grass and Fairy-type Pokémon. They will take increased damage from Ground and Psychic-type attacks.

Bug-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Fire, Rock, and Flying-type attacks. Bug-type moves are super effective against Grass, Dark, and Psychic-type Pokémon.

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Dustox’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 385
    • HP: 60
    • Attack: 50
    • Defense: 70
    • Special Attack: 50
    • Special Defense: 90
    • Speed: 65

Dustox doesn’t have great attack stats, but both its attack and special attack are equivalent which means players can choose to focus on either special attacks or physical attacks in battle.

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