Drifblim’s nature bulk comes from its very large HP Stat. It has a similar Attack and Special Attack, making it a useful mixed attacker. Its Speed isn’t too high but it is good enough to give it a chance to use a few Agile Style moves to give it an edge in battle. With three immunities, three resistances, and five weaknesses, if it can cover itself well enough, it is a great defensive option for battles. These are the best moves for Drifblim in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Best Moves

Move NameMove TypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
Shadow BallGhostSpecial12010010
Mystical FireFireSpecial7010010
Calm MindPsychicStatus10

Drifblim will learn Shadow Ball at level 37 (masters at 48), Mystical Fire at level 25 (masters at 35), Calm Mind at level 15 (masters at 25), Psychic from Zisu.

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How to use Drifblim best in battle

Drifblim is in an odd place offensively as it doesn’t have much coverage to take out many Pokémon in two or sometimes even three hits. It doesn’t learn any Flying Type moves, making its only good S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Boost) move, Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball has a chance of lowering the target’s defensive stats, making it easier to take out Pokémon. It is super effective against Psychic and other Ghost Type Pokémon.

Mystical Fire shouldn’t be underestimated as it not only gives Drifblim coverage against one of its weaknesses, Ice Types, but the move also lowers the offensive stats of its target. This Fire coverage is good against Grass, Ice, Steel, and Bug Type Pokémon.

Calm Mind is easily one of Drifblims best setup moves because it raises all of its offensive and defensive stats by one stage. When mastered, Calm Mind is a good choice to use in the Agile Style to try and give Drifblim a chance of moving twice in a row in battle.

Psychic can be swapped out for Thunderbolt as they both have two Types that they each cover. Psychic is good against Poison and Fighting Types while Thunderbolt gives coverage against Water and Flying Types. Psychic can also reduce the defensive stats of its target while Thunderbolt may leave a Pokémon with Paralysis.

Drifblim’s base stats

  • Stat Total: 498
    • HP: 150
    • Attack: 80
    • Defense: 44
    • Special Attack: 90
    • Special Defense: 54
    • Speed: 80

Drifblim can be awkward to play with but players that really want to use it can feel safer with Calm Mind setup. With Drifblim’s high HP Stat, players may be able to use Sitrus Berries to conserve their Potions.

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