Old players and new players alike have rekindled the interest in finding the best mods for the game, of which there have been plenty. Skyrim holds the record for the most mods created for it. Each and every new edition of Skyrim comes with new mods that improve on it.

The problem is that with so many mods, it’s difficult to find the best ones. However, we’ve got you covered! We have filtered through the massive list of mods to find some of the best ones available based on their popularity, usefulness, and the frequency with which they are updated. Check out the list below to see what we consider being the best mods for Skyrim, as well as a brief description of what they do!

The Shortlist

  • Quality World Map w/ Solstheim Map
  • Unread Books Glow
  • Sounds of Skyrim
  • Become a Bard
  • The Forgotten City
  • SkyUI
  • Towns and Villages Enhanced
  • Moonpath to Elsweyr
  • Character Creation Overhaul
  • The Elder Scrolls Quest Series

Best Mods for Skyrim

For a brief description of the mods, check them out in the list below!

Quality World Map w/ Solstheim Map

The video above explains this mod very well and is the best way to see the mod in action. Basically, this mod provides a much higher quality map for the game than the default map included. More than that, it outlines the roads between towns, making it much easier to find your way!

Link: Quality World Map w/ Solstheim Map

Unread Books Glow

Unread Books Glow truly is as simple as it sounds. It is one of the oldest mods for the game and one of the most highly rated. Simply put, it makes all books that you haven’t read glow blue. Without this mod, it’s much harder to distinguish between books you have read and books you haven’t. This mod is perfect for anyone who wants to get the game’s lore without sifting through books they’ve already read!

Link: Unread Books Glow

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Sounds of Skyrim

Sounds of Skyrim is one of the essential mods to add to the game if you want to become more immersed in the atmosphere. There are three different packs that you can add to improve the quality of the game for any setting: Wild Sounds, Civilization Sounds, and Dungeon Sounds. In total, this collection of mods adds almost 500 new sounds to the game to bring you in and make you enjoy Skyrim once again.

Link: Sounds of Skyrim

Become a Bard

The video above outlines all the best details and is the best way to see it in action. Summarized, this mod adds a Bard class to the game for players who are tired of playing as warriors or wizards. It allows you to play any type of instrument in the game and gives you the ability to impress and gain favor of townfolk through song. And speaking of songs, this mod adds over 100 new ones!

Link: Become a Bard

The Forgotten City

Many regard this as the best mod for Skyrim because of the quality, content, and value it adds to the game. It includes not only an entirely new area for players to enjoy but quests as well. Perhaps one of the most enticing parts is mentioned in the description: it is the only mod for a game to win a Writer’s Guild award for its writing. With hours of added gameplay, it’s also possible to transform it into its own game!

Link: The Forgotten City


SkyUI does exactly what we all need from a UI mod: it improves the menu navigation and makes it much more advanced. With this mod, players no longer need to navigate through complex (but still somehow limited) menus and instead have better capability and more access to what they need. Check out the video above to see the mod in more detail!

Link: SkyUI

Towns and Villages Enhanced

Like Sounds of Skyrim, Towns and Village Enhanced is a collection of mods all developed by one person that adds an immense amount of beauty and immersion to the game. Although the mods are no longer being updated, for the most part, they shouldn’t cause errors since they only change the aesthetics of the game. Each town is beautifully redesigned to make you experience Skyrim in a whole new way!

Link: Towns and Villages Enhanced

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Moonpath to Elsweyr

Moonpath to Eleswyr is a standalone mod and a combination pack. To enjoy the mod, you only need to download the core pack. However, there are additional plugins that provide a high-def texture pack and some followers. This pack is like The Forgotten City in that it works like a full expansion pack, adding an entirely new area with quests, inhabitants, and atmosphere!

Link: Moonpath to Elsweyr

Character Creation Overhaul

The video above outlines the Character Creation Overhaul mod and is the best option to see how it works in the game. Summarized, this mod vastly improves the character creation mechanics at the start of the game. It adds specific details and unique features to each race and class that change their stats and even their playstyle in some ways. This mod boasts of giving players over 200,000 character combination paths at the start of the game!

Link: Character Creation Overhaul

The Elder Scrolls Quest Series

The video above provides an overview of what this collection of mods looks like in action. Simply put, this is a small library of mods that add new areas and quests to the game, which makes it perfect for players that have experienced the game multiple times and have a thirst for more adventure.

That’s it for our list of the best mods for Skyrim! Which one is your favorite?

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