Project Zomboid in its current state, is arguably one of the most impressive survival zombie experiences out there. However, an already great game can always be improved with a few mods here and there. 

Such is the case with Project Zomboid, and here you will find a few mods that we recommend playing around with in your game. Our mods list will touch upon the quality of life improvements to new items and more. 

Disclaimer – Read Before Installing Mods!

Before installing any of the mods we have listed, make sure to read mod descriptions and upload and last updated dates. The reason is that the recent update broke some mods for the game.

Because of that, it’s best to check mods to save a lot of mod troubleshooting down the line.  That said, enjoy the mod list below, and if you have any mod recommendations feel free to a comment!

The Best Quality of Life Mods for Project Zomboid Build 41

Here, you will find a few mods that can be added to your game to improve a few aspects without changing anything drastically.


PZ ClothingUI is a nice little mod that allows players to equip clothing items in a more organized manner. The mod adds a custom clothing/armor screen that is also categorized, thus adding a nice little improvement to the game. 

  • Download Mod Here: PZ-ClothingUI

Jump Through Windows

A simple mod that does as the name suggests, which is you can now jump through windows. To jump through a window, all you have to do is run directly at it, and you will fly through it. But, make sure the window is open, or you will get a lot of glass in places you didn’t even know you had.

  •  Download Mod Here: Jump Through Window’

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Zombie Camouflage

Zombie Camouflage is a mod that allows players to camouflage themselves using zombie blood to sneak past the walking dead. Add this mod if you want a nice little way to sneak past zombies. 

  • Download Mod Here:  Zombie Camouflage
Image via The Indie Stone

Just Throw Them Out The Window

In short, this mod allows you to throw dead zombies out of windows and over fences, nothing more, nothing less. Overall, a pretty sweet mod that allows for better management of all of those dead zombies that are sure to pile up around your base. 

  • Download Mod Here: Just Throw Them Out

Sound Direction Indicator

Sound Direction Indicator is a nice little mod that adds a function that points players towards the direction of sounds in the game. For example, if a zombie starts banging on your door or growls, you will see a small red arrow pointing towards it. 

  • Download Mod Here: Sound Direction Indicator

Combat Text (B40+B41)

Combat Text adds both damage numbers and health bars to the zombies in the game. So when you hit a zombie, you will both see how much damage you did and its current health. It’s a nice and decent little mod that we recommend adding if you want an indication of when a zombie will die. 

  • Download Mod Here: Combat Text
Image via The Indie Stone

Spear Trap

This mod allows players to place spear traps as a cheap and easy way to kill wandering zombies. Just dig a grave, make a spear and you are golden. 

  • Download Mod Here: Spear Trap

The Best Item and Weapon Mods for Project Zomboid Build 41

The following mods add new items, weapons, and armor/clothes. Add these mods if you desire more content to both find and use in the game. 

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Bushcraft Gear – Tools

Bushcraft Gear adds a few tools players can find in the game’s world. These tools are themed around outdoor survival and are described by the workshop page to “suite different combat styles.” 

  • Download Mod Here:  Bushcraft Gear Tools

Scrap Armor, Weapons, Guns

These three mods are a series that adds weapons, guns, and armor made from scrap parts via a workshop. We highly recommend giving these mods a shot but make sure to get the workshop mod as all three mods require it. 

  • Download all three Mods Here:
    • Scrap Weapons 
    • Scrap Guns
    • Scrap Armor
Image via the Indie Stone

Brita’s Armor and Weapon Packs

These mods add both armor and weapons to the game in a large variety. The armor mod focuses on adding multiple military-style armors, while the weapon mod adds a plethora of firearms. 

  • Download all three Mods Here:
    • Brita’s Armor
    • Brita’s Weapon Pack

Antique Armory

Antique Armory is a unique weapon pack that adds numerous medieval and native American weapons to the game. The mod pack also includes crossbows and armor. Add this mod if you want more melee weapon choices or to just suit up in full mail or plate armor. 

  • Download Mod Here: Antique Armory

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