Minions in Final Fantasy XIV are adorable companions that you can collect. There’s literally hundreds of them in the game, ranging from cute animals, to clockwork versions of the game’s characters.

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But which are the best minions in Final Fantasy XIV? We try to compile some of the very best below and how to get them.

MinionMinion NameHow to Get
AnteaterThe Anteater can be purchased for 400 Faux Leaves. This means completing high-level duties in the Faux Hollows game, and trading with the Faux Commander.
Penguin PrinceA minion only for the dedicated Lords of Verminion players, this is rewarded for winning 4 different Lord of Verminion tournaments by a double-digit victories.
Wind-up AerithOriginally exclusively available at Fan Festivals, this item is now available on Mog Station. However, there’s speculation that it may return to Fan Festivals in the future.
Giant BeaverThe Giant Beaver is a rare minion, if only because of how few people complete the quest line needed to buy it. After completing the unique Giant Beaver quest line, you can buy this minion from the Giant Beaver. There’s also a Golden Beaver, which is a reward for completing the The Shifting Oubliettes Of Lyhe Ghiah Treasure Map Dungeon.
HedgehogletThe Hedgehoglet is a rare drop from the The Lost Canals of Uznair, The Hidden Canals Of Uznair, and The Shifting Altars Of Uznair. These dungeons are only accessible from Treasure Maps, and only allow access on a random chance.
Wind-up ChimeraThe Wind-up Chimera is only available through crafting as a high level Weaver. However, many weavers also sell this minion. It sells for around 50,000 Gil on most servers, but can fluctuate.
Tora-jiroA reward for Hunt Train savants, Tora-jiro can be yours for 800 Centurio Seals. This tiny tiger is adorable, and it’s surprising more people don’t make the effort to grab them!
Wind-up TonberryTonberry’s are the bane of many Final Fantasy player’s existence. But in Final Fantasy 14, this little guy is pretty cute, if not a bit hard to find. He’s a reward and a rare drop in The Palace of the Dead, from Timeworn Boarskin Map treasure chests, and completing the Aquapolis Treasure Hunt dungeon.

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