Minecraft is a game almost old as YouTube itself, that saw its development chronicled back to its earliest Alpha versions. Minecraft YouTubers have operated now for decades and built up loyal fanbases of millions.

But in 2021, who is the best Minecraft YouTuber? Keep reading Pro Game Guides to find out.

Captain Sparklez

Image via CaptainSparklez

Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron is not just a Minecraft institution, but a YouTube institution. CaptainSparklez has a rich history on YouTube and with Minecraft, as he has made content on it for over a decade.

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When not keeping fans fully updated with all the latest Minecraft news, in 2021 he’s using his musical skills to upload parody tunes and music videos. Captain Sparklez is a must-watch Minecrafter and probably the most watched on this list.

Mumbo Jumbo

Image via Mumbo Jumbo

Oliver “Mumbo Jumbo” Brotherhood is primarily known for his expert Redstone constructions. But in 2021, he branched out more to doing more creative landscaping projects, focusing more on the aesthetic aspects of Minecraft for the first time.

This, combined with his filmmaker skills, and cycling charity efforts, have made Mumbo Jumbo one of the most entertaining Minecraft YouTubers in 2021. He’s also one of the Hermits on Hermitcraft Season 8, meaning you get to see the Hermitcraft server from his perspective on his videos.

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Image via Grian

Another Hermitcraft Hermit, Charles “Grian” Batchelor, focuses on the more crazy and insane builds in Minecraft. He’s also a very active member of the Hermitcraft server and other collaborative events, prioritizing group videos over almost all other content.

But the YouTuber’s entertaining attitude is more than enough on its own to keep you entertained. So in 2021, he branched out into more solo build videos while retaining his high levels of entertainment.


Image via FitMC

Peter “FitMC” Larsen was the original “bad boy” of Minecraft YouTubing. Primarily operating in the lawless online realm of 2b2t, FitMC’s shift from a protagonist in the history of that server to historian and explorer himself brought huge popularity. Originally a griefer and PvPer, FitMC is now a respected custodian of the “Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft.”

In 2021, his videos telling the history of 2b2t have become some of the most must-watch Minecraft videos on the internet. This is a YouTuber with a unique style and a limitless ceiling of entertainment.


Image via Stampylonghead

Another long-time Minecraft YouTuber, Joseph “stampylonghead” Garret’s star, had initially seemed to wane in 2015 when the popularity of Minecraft itself seemed to fall. But with the return in popularity of Minecraft 2019 and 2020, Stampy returned bigger and better than ever.

Stampy’s appeal comes from being entertaining for kids but informative for grown-up players of Minecraft. However, his kid-friendly demeanor hides the fact that he is a skilled player with a lot of talent for Redstone builds, architecture, and megaprojects.

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