For as long as Minecraft has been around, players have accessed their array of unique materials to build a number of housing variations. As they do, towers usually come up. This guide covers some of the best tower designs and ideas, ranging from base aesthetic and style to different uses. Enjoy some of these immaculate designs!

Medieval Tower Designs

Screenshots via Kelpie the Fox, Zaypixel, and Killer Builds, Image by Pro Game Guides

While a fairly standard design for towers, Medieval is the most classic. These towers tend to be crafted from a mixture of Cobblestone, Stone Bricks, White Clay, and Wood. Design differences typically stand out in aspects like secondary towers, roofing, and lighting fixtures. While tons of these designs have sprung up across YouTube, some of the ones pictured here are by Zaypixel, Killer Builds, Master Majesty, Stevler, and Kelpie the Fox.

Crystal Tower Designs

Screenshot via ItsMarloe

There are tons of different jewel types available in Minecraft—from Sapphire to Emerald to Amethyst—all of which can be turned into blocks used for building. For a rather expensive look, players can build their towers out of some forms of crystals. To spice it up, players can add precious metal accents like gold or copper. This design by ItsMarloe can be found on YouTube.

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Warped Tower Designs

Screenshot via Kelpie the Fox, and Master Majesty, Image by Pro Game Guides

For a beautiful and interesting base within the Nether, players should look into Warped Towers. These towers are made from Warped Wood and surrounding materials within the Nether. This gives the tower an exotic cyan and magenta look that can jazz up the basic Medieval tower. These designs are by Master Majesty and Kelpie the Fox on YouTube.

Japanese Pagoda Tower Designs

Screenshot via SheepGG, BlueBits, and Long Long Man, Image by Pro Game Guides

Japanese-style structures have been popping up all over in Minecraft, bringing a new flair to Bamboo forests. These pagodas are tall, tower-like structures that offer the aesthetic of the classic Asain style. To build these, players will need Wood, Cobblestone, Wooden Fencing, Unlit Firepits, Lanterns, and much more. Some of these builds have been done by SheepGG, BlueBits, Long Long Man on YouTube.

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Nether Portal Tower Designs

Screenshot via Goldrobin

As Nether Portals are absolutely necessary for the completion of Minecraft, why not make it a perfect aesthetic wizard tower? There are tons of different elaborate designs players within the community have come up with for their portals. However, having a towering portal makes it easy to find. Much like any portal, players will need the usual Obsidian and Flint and Steel (or some alternative way to light a flame). The design here is by Goldrobin.

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