With and without mods, Survival Mode can be spiced up a bit by playing with a set ruleset. These challenges make the experience feel fresh and take new and seasoned Minecrafters on a fun new journey.

Single Biome Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

By editing the world’s settings, players can select a single biome for the world to populate. The difficulty of this challenge heavily depends on which biome is chosen. Deserts can be tricky as there are no trees to work with, but villages can often have saplings to take advantage of. The goal is to get to The End for the challenge to be complete using only the available resources.

Vegan Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

Eating only fruits and vegetables may sound easy enough to do, but there is more to this challenge than just that. Items that require the player to use any material from animals are prohibited. That means that players will only have basic enchantments to use as no bookcases can be crafted. Getting to The End is easy enough, but defeating mobs with basic enchantments can prove to be a fun challenge.

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Skyblock Challenge

Image via Minecraft Maps

Using a downloaded map, players start off with limited materials on a floating island. The rules for this challenge involve not building to the mainland and making sure only to use resources on the island. The island can grow, but spawning in blocks is considered cheating. Getting a Cobblestone Generator is almost mandatory and will help to make the game easier to get through without waiting for trees to grow.

100 Days Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

Counting days either by writing it down or typing into the chat, this challenge rewards speed and exploration. The goal is to make it to The End on a random seed within 100 days while doing all the Minecraft essentials. Building a house, enchanting table, and perhaps even Achievement hunting can be added or ignored to the challenge. As long as the end goal is met, players can decide on how much they’d like to do within their allotted time.

Nomad Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

Favoring exploration over anything else, the Nomad Challenge is for Minecraft players who enjoy seeing the world. The rules involve not living within any structure of the player’s making and never storing items in chests; only using whatever the player has in the inventory. Always being on the move is the perfect challenge for players who are tired of the same routine of building a house and setting up their farms.

Several challenges are available for the game that include mods, special maps, and specific ways of playing. The Floor Is Lava, building a base with only one type of block, or speedrunning are just a few examples of creating new ways to play this massive sandbox game.

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