In Minecraft, players can get a ton of enchantments, but some are more suited for certain items. Smite would be better used on a weapon like a sword or respiration on a helmet. Such is the case with pickaxes, and in this guide, we will take a look at some of what we consider the best go-to enchantments for pickaxes.

Curse of Vanishing

If you ever hate losing decent items to deaths such as falling into lava, the curse of vanishing is an excellent enchantment that will recover whatever item it is on when you dye. 


Fortune is a fantastic enchantment to have, especially on pickaxes, as they often increase the drop rate for items such as diamonds. If you want this enchantment, we recommend springing for Fortune III, as you will get the most rewards from this level.


Mending is another but not necessary enchantment that will allow you to use orbs of experience to repair your pickaxe. Overall, pretty useful enchantment, even more so when combined with unbreaking. 

Silk Touch

Moving down, the next go-to enchantment for pickaxes would be Silk touch. The reason is simple: Silk Touch will allow you to mine materials such as Ender Chests and Coral Blocks and ore blocks dropping instead of their ore.

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Unbreaking is an excellent enchantment for pickaxes, as they increase durability and will help you keep mining as long as possible. Another bonus to unbreaking is that they also lower repair costs, so there is no reason why you should use it! 


If you want to speed your time mining blocks, then you will need to nab yourself efficiently. With each level of efficiency, you will find yourself mining blocks at a faster rate, with the quickest boost granted with efficiency IV. 

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