In Minecraft, organizing your inventory and resources is the key to beating the game fast. And to do so, players need to get familiarized with some of the hotkeys that help immensely when it comes to organizing resources and loot, equipping items, and building structures.

  • Quickly move items – Press Shift + Right Click on items to instantly send them from the chest to your inventory, and vice versa.
  • Numbers 1-9 – Hover your mouse over any item in your inventory, and press any number from 1 to 9 to assign the item in the corresponding slot in your Hotbar.
  • Quickly equip armor – To quickly equip armor from your Hotbar, simply Right Click on it to equip it instantly.
  • Craft in bulk– Instead of individually clicking to craft items, press Shift + Right Click to craft items in bulk.
  • Stack items quicklyDouble Click on an item in the inventory or chest to stack all identical items together.
  • Move multiple stacks of items – To move multiple stacks of the same item, press Shift + Double Click.
  • Throw items – Instead of clicking and dragging, simply equip the item and press Q to throw it. Additionally, to throw full stacks of items, press Ctrl + Q.
  • Show hitboxes – Press F3+B to reveal hitboxes to click more precisely.
  • Toggle camera – Press F5 to toggle between third person and first person mode.
  • View technical stats – Press F3 to enable a technical information overlay with details like coordinates, FPS, biome, and navigational direction.
  • View key bind list – Press F3+Q to bring up a list of all F3 key binds.

Hotkeys are essentially an assigned key, or a set of assigned keys, programmed to execute a particular task. Minecraft has tons of Hotkeys that many players, old and new, are unaware of. Learning these will make a significant change in the quality of life for the player and allow them to execute tasks with ease.

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, there is always room for improvement. With the vast open world and thousands of resources to collect and craft, it can take a player years to learn how to beat Minecraft in record time. Hence, learning to utilize these hotkeys is the key to getting better and faster.

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