In Minecraft, players can get a ton of enchantments, but some are more suited for certain items. Such is the case with fishing poles, and in this guide, we will take a look at some of what we consider the best go-to enchantments for fishing poles.

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea is one of the best and must have enchantments you need for fishing poles in Minecraft. This is because the enchantment increases the rate at which treasure items drop, thus making it useful for getting stuff like enchanting books, bows, and other items. Because of this, we highly recommend finding a luck of the sea enchantment book today!


The other practically required enchantment for fishing poles is the lure enchantment. In short, the lure enchantment increases the bite rate for the player’s fishing pole and decreases the time it takes for items/fish to appear on the hook by five seconds per enchantment level. 

Because of this, it’s crazy not to have it as it is just so useful for fishing, especially if you combine it with the luck of the sea enchantment.

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Curse of Vanishing

If you ever hate losing decent items to deaths such as falling into lava, the curse of vanishing is an excellent enchantment that will recover whatever item it is on when you die. 

It’s a decent enchantment all around for any item, including fishing poles you don’t want loose, so that’s why it gets a spot on the list. 


Mending is another but not necessary enchantment that will allow you to use orbs of experience to repair your fishing pole.

 Overall, pretty useful enchantment, even more so when combined with unbreaking. But again not necessary unless you plan on fishing more than mining or any other activity in the game. 


Unbreaking is a wondrous enchantment for any item, as it increases durability and will help you keep using whatever item it’s on. But again, not necessary unless you want to fish a ton. 

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