The first enchantment we consider one of the the best bow enchantments in Minecraft is infinity. Infinity is an enchantment that makes it, so your bow in Minecraft will fire an infinite amount of arrows, thus eliminating the need to bring along multiple stacks of arrows in the game.

Because of that, we highly recommend enchanting it onto your bow so you can perform well in both clearing boss fights and dungeons. After infinity, power would be the next enchantment we consider one of the best for the bow. This is because power increases the amount of damage your bows, thus making it a worthwhile addition via enchanting. 

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You can also combine power with an enchantment called punch for great effect, as punch will increase the knockback effect to mobs and players. That said, a combination of both the highest levels of power and punch could be a deadly combination in both PVP and boss fights, so we highly recommend getting both. 

But beyond these three main enchantments, you can also get flame. Flame is a unique enchantment that adds fire damage to any enemies hit with your arrows when added to your bow. We recommend combining it with power, infinity, and punch for deadly use in combat.  

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